Choosing the Best Coloured Contact Lenses

18 Jun

Contact lenses, particularly coloured contact lenses, are in great fashion these days. From celebrities, fashion models and actors to the ordinary people, roughly each one is found wearing coloured contact lenses. Time and again people match their clothes with their coloured contact lenses. With the escalating popularity of coloured contact lenses, more and more people are buying a pair of these lenses. The finest part about these coloured contact lenses is that you do not have to be short sighted or long sighted to own them. Now the question arises, how to choose the best coloured contact lenses that suit your personality? This article will help you in selecting the ones made just for you!

The most important concern while selecting a coloured contact lens is to verify whether the colour is suiting you or not. For example, light colours like blue, green or even gray may look unnatural on a person having dark skin tone. Secondly, you must decide on a lens manufactured by some trustworthy company such as Optiano, Freshlook, Durasoft Colors and Acuvue 2 Colors to guarantee ease and protection. You must also make sure that the lens that you opt for is appropriate for your use. Usually lenses are categorized as regular or daily wear and extended wear. Daily wear lenses are appropriate for twelve hour usage while extended wear lenses can be worn all day long. However, it is prudent to limit the use of contact lenses, whether coloured or transparent, as they impede the air way to your retina. Also disposable coloured contact lenses are also available in the market for one day, two weeks or one month substitution schedule.

Disposable contact lenses are better for the eyes because of their thin size. These contact lenses allow more oxygen all the way through to the cornea. Also protein developments are less common in disposable coloured contact lenses.


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