Choosing the Tiles for Your Bathroom

18 Jun

Designing a bathroom is not easy task and requires a lot of creative skills. A perfect design needs perfect detailing. From the sanitary ware to the paint and lighting of the bathroom, everything demands attention. However, we often forget one of the most important parts of a bathroom, the tiles! Nowadays, a wide variety of tiles is available in the market that caters to every class of users. Tiles have a significant role in increasing the beauty and exquisiteness of a bathroom. The following are some of the types of tiles commonly used:

  • Tile flooring

While choosing tile flooring, special consideration must be given to space and in general, the design of the bathroom. A small bathroom can possibly not carry a large, audacious pattern of tile since it will not allow repetition of tiles and may overcrowd the room visually. While small tiles look beautiful in a bathroom, they are less realistic to clean. There are spaces in between tiles that create cracks in which dirt and dust may enter.

When selecting bathroom tiles, it must be made sure that the surface of the tile is not too polished to avoid slipperiness. Since the region is most likely to be affected by water spills, a glossy exterior may present a risk. A tile with a little degree of delicate texture will help to prevent domestic accidents.

  • Countertop tile

Selecting a countertop tile greatly depends on the objects to be placed on the counters and the cleaning process that will be needed. A solid and neutral tile will probably display water spots, powder dusts and other fluid drops than a somewhat textured or decorative tile.

  • Shower and bath tile

Shower and bath tiles should have an even surface as a texture may hold a large amount of moisture and endorse mold development. Although some people opt for monochromatic shower tiles, a patterned tile may also look good here. The type, color and design of the tile should be such that it coordinates with the shower or the bath tub. Otherwise, the bathroom will not look elegant and will wear out earlier.

Guide to Bathroom Design:

A beautiful bathroom design always improves the delight while taking a bath and freshens up the mind totally. Not many people find it necessary to spend money on decorating their bathrooms. The following are some tips to beautify your bathroom even without spending too much money:


  • Lighting of the Bathroom

Lighting in the bathroom must be done properly so that every area of the room is appropriately illuminated. Ideal lighting always boosts the experience of taking a bath and is more soothing. The light fittings must be positioned at appropriate heights and more of reflective lights should be used.

  • Color Schemes

The color schemes chosen for walls, accessories, illuminations and flooring also influence the appearance of the bathroom on the whole. The complimenting hues and attention grabbing tones for the bathroom make the room look vibrant. Often white is chosen as the color scheme as it supports all sorts of accessories and looks equally beautiful with all other color combinations.

  • Hygiene and Aeration

Along with the decor, proper hygiene and aeration are also important while planning a bathroom. Excessive dampness in the bathroom or tainted tubs and showers can spoil the experience of bathing and can also be unsafe for the person using them.

The cabinets and drawers must be properly cleaned. There must be appropriate distance between the cabinets and dividers so that they can be cleaned easily. Glass, marble or ceramic sanitary wares enhance the appearance of the bathroom and are also simple to keep germ-free.

  • Flooring

The flooring for bathroom should always be non greasy and robust to prevent your bathroom from early degradation. The best and affordable options for bathroom tiles are the Marble or tile ones. The bathtub region can be separated from the bathroom by means of chic plastic curtains. Various stainless steel bathroom accessories are also accessible that can easily opt be used to make your room appear more captivating. Correct choice for bathroom accessories can make the bathroom appear remarkable.

Hopefully these tips will help you in effectively designing your bathroom. The bathroom is as important as any other part of the house and therefore, it must not be ignored.


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