18 Jun

Nothing can be more soothing than having a cup of hot coffee in a cold or rainy weather. Even just the thought of it makes my mouth water! Every day the number of coffee lovers is increasing. Some people just cannot start their day without coffee. Have we ever wondered what impact coffee has on our health and pocket? Just as every thing in this world has its own pluses and minuses, even coffee is not free from risks. Let us see what good things it has to offer for us and how it influences our health.

Coffee is a well-liked drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. Its ingredients are said to create the following impacts on our health:

  • Stimulant and Energizer: 

Many students, in particular, who are used to of burning the midnight oil during examination days resort to coffee. The main reason is that the caffeine amount present in coffee makes it a renowned stimulant. It acts together with the nervous system of the consumer to keep him alert just like tea but since it has more caffeine than tea, it is a stronger stimulant. Coffee also normalizes intestinal functions, blood pressure and airway dimension. On the downside, it can disturb the sleeping pattern of the person leading to anxiety and discomfort.

  •   Cause of Indigestion:

Coffee consumers often suffer from indigestion, heart burn and other digestion related issues as caffeine is known to affect stomach acid. Hence, too much coffee must be avoided for better health.

  • Effect on urination and dehydration:

Coffee, because of its high caffeine content, is known to cause kidneys to excrete excess amount of fluids. This may lead to dehydration. The condition becomes severe if coffee consumption is not controlled.

  •   Impact on Nervous System

As caffeine is a strong stimulant, a recent research has revealed that people who consume slightly more coffee than 2 to 3 cups are more likely immune to contracting Alzheimer’s disease. Although some health practitioners claim caffeine to have negative influence on digestive system, leading to various forms of cancer, but no solid proof is there to back their assertion. Hence, more research and experiments are needed to prove the negative impact of coffee.

  • Stimulating Breath:

Coffee acts as a therapeutic drug to stimulate breath. It is commonly used for patients who undergo surgery and premature babies as they find it difficult to breathe normally. Moreover, research has revealed that caffeine has the potential to widen air passage. This is especially beneficial for patients suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases. Therefore, caffeine must be avoided before taking any breath related tests as it may tamper breathing problems of a patient.

  • Cure to Headaches:

Just like acetaminophen and aspirin, caffeine is well known to treat pains and aches. Some headaches result from caffeine removal. Hence, consumption of appropriate amount of caffeine can help in reducing headaches.

  • Protection against certain diseases:

According to research, coffee is well recognized because of its power to heal and safeguard against certain diseases such as diabetes, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney stones and even gloominess.


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