Fruits: The Ideal Substitute for Junk Food

18 Jun

Majority of our younger generation enjoys consuming junk food at various international outlets. Many people consider it a status symbol to hang out with friends at such an eatery. What they forget is that the oil soaked junk food is injurious to their health. On the contrary, fruits are an excellent and less expensive alternative that ensure better health. Fruit is one of the most healthy and natural foods in subsistence. There are various different types of fruits accessible to eat, each giving us strong health remuneration. Fruits contain abundance of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and plant phytochemicals that assist in providing benefits to health. It has also been revealed that consumption of the complete fruit or juice is paramount to acquire the benefits instead of relying on supplements to supply every nutrient independently.

The following are some facts and figures about fruits and their impact on health:

  • Fruits contain 90 to 95 percent water. They have a diuretic outcome on the body and assist in eliminating the toxins and nitrogenous wastes from the body.
  • Majority of the fruits have lower sodium content and higher potassium content which is a vital mineral that helps in maintaining regular blood pressure and heart function.
  • Apples are an exceptional resource of fiber. The fiber present in apples has a laxative result on the body to alleviate constipation and instigates a sensation of contentment by adding together mass to the diet which is advantageous in circumstances like diabetes mellitus, heart diseases and plumpness. Fiber also has cancer defensive action, fights bowel abnormality, and avoids diverticulitis and colon cancer.
  •  Resveratrol compound found in red grapes and anthocyanin found in fruits like cherries, blueberries, kiwi, plums and blackberries help in reducing the hazard of malignant cells and heart diseases.
  • Guava, oranges, papaya and Indian gooseberry are superior sources for vitamin C (an antioxidant). Mangoes and papaya are outstanding resource for beta carotene.
  • Beta carotene and lycopene from apricots protect heart by averting oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
  • Bananas are good at providing potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber.
  • Recent studies about cherries or cherry juice revealed that they help in relieving the symptoms and ache caused in gout, arthritis and joint inflammation.
  •  Glucose based compounds, saponins, present underneath the skin of grapes protects heart’s health as well.
  • Kiwifruit is an important source of vitamin E that is a significant fat soluble antioxidant which when united with water soluble antioxidants gives complimentary fundamental security against all diseases.
  • Papayas are loaded with very dominant antioxidants vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin D. These antioxidants assist in preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol which can attach to and develop in blood vessel walls leading to the formation of risky plaques that cause atherosclerosis, heart attacks or strokes.

Fruits provide great health benefits. Majority of the fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Fruits act as a protective covering against daily attack of toxins from contamination. Fruits can also give the essential nutrients to facilitate us in dealing with many diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cell damage.

Source: Internet 🙂


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