Jogging-A Zero Cost Fitness Activity

18 Jun

Imagine how you start your day. What kind of breakfast do you have? A cup of hot coffee with a teaspoon of sugar, cheese omelet, and white bread. Right? Do you really know how much calories you take in everyday? Have you ever thought of burning those calories for better health and fitness? How many of us like to walk early in the morning, let alone jog? Even though we know what impact jogging, walking or other such exercises have on our health, we prefer to remain seated in our comfy sofa with air conditioner maintaining the lowest temperature possible. This article focuses on the importance of jogging for your sound health and well being.

Jogging is an activity. It is a type of trotting or running at a sluggish or leisurely speed. The chief purpose is to augment fitness with a reduction of stress on the body resulting from faster running. It was revealed in one study that persons who jogged more than fifty miles per week had appreciable increment in HDL cholesterol (the good fat) and drastic decrement in body fat, triglyceride levels, and the danger of coronary heart ailment than persons who jogged less than ten miles per week. Additionally, the regular joggers had an almost fifty percent decline in high blood pressure.

Running or jogging enhances the aerobic fitness by escalating the movement of enzymes and hormones that arouse the muscles and the heart to toil more competently. Aerobic fitness is the capability of the heart to pump blood more proficiently and the muscles to utilize oxygen more resourcefully. As you get more aerobically healthy, your heart will pump more blood and oxygen and your muscles will consume more oxygen. Therefore, you will be more energized than before.

Jogging is an outstanding cardiovascular exercise and is also well-liked because of its effortlessness, flexibility to demanding schedules, and the plentiful benefits that can be obtained from a regime. These contain enhanced cardio-respiratory health, reduced danger of heart disease, reduced body fat, augmented bone strength, and better leg and back muscle stamina. Jogging is most suitable for women who are in a reasonable shape and who are not above thirty pounds flabby.

Guidelines to be followed while jogging:

  • Suitable footwear is vital for jogging. Select a comfy pair of jogging shoes with ample sole cushioning, fine head support, and adequate mid-sole suppleness.
  • Always warm up for five to ten minutes, stretch, and cool down during your jogging session.
  • Make sure that you breathe on a regular basis all the way through the exercise session.
  • As you jog, make sure that you keep your back straight, your abdomen tight, and thrust your arms backward and forward.
  • Beginners are advised not to jog more than 4 days a week with a day of rest in between workouts to enable sufficient recovery of the weight bearing joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  • It is also significant to steadily augment the interval of jogging session before you augment the intensity.

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