The Making of Contact Lenses

18 Jun

Coloured contact lenses are very popular especially among our youth. Whether you are a fashion model or a girl living next door, you are considered outdated if you do not own a pair of coloured contact lenses. This trend has gradually increased among men too. When ever anybody thinks of a make over, the first thing he or she does is to buy coloured contact lenses. Have you ever wondered how these lenses are made and whether they are good for your eyes’ health or not? With a boom in its demand, many companies are manufacturing poor quality lenses. How can you differentiate between the good quality ones and the bad ones? The main aim of this article is to expose to you the world of coloured contact lenses.

Usually a polymer used to make coloured contact lenses. For creating a pair of contact lenses, the producers require a processor to direct them in molding the interior of the lens in accordance with the prescription. The defects, if any, are then removed by cleaning the lens with the rough adhesive. Any blemish in the contact lens can lead to a blurred vision and are, therefore, not easy to utilize.

The breadth of the contact lens is calculated to ensure that it has a right dimension. The contact lens is then covered with wax to mold the exterior part of the contact lens according to the preferred shape. If the exterior part has previously been formed, wax is detached by means of ultrasonic waves. The edges and external surface of the contact lens are refined for improved results. After this, the contact lens is placed in a salty solution for approximately twenty four hours so as to allow the contact lens to soak up sufficient fluid until it’s supple and soft. Lastly, the lens is tested to refract light properly and is preserved in a container with salty solution.


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