Tips for a hassle free Travel Experience

18 Jun

Travel to some destination sounds very exciting but in reality, it requires a lot of hard work and proper planning to ensure fruitful results. Before you execute your travel plan to any location, the following things must be checked carefully:

  • Passports, Tickets, Visas and other documents

Never ever forget your passport, visa or tickets as they are your gateway to your destination. Always make sure that your documents are kept in a safe place to prevent any last minute hassle. You may also use a money belt for this purpose.

  • Travel Insurance

When visiting any foreign location, always ensure that you are well insured. This is necessary especially for people who travel to locations like Bali where they may engage in outdoor activities, sports etc. Also, it is important to get your valuables insured as a precautionary measure.

  • Drugs

Customs of each country are very strict when it comes to drugs and other such prohibited stuff. Before leaving your country, make sure that there are no objectionable materials in your luggage. Also, be careful while traveling and avoid accepting any gifts from strangers. You have to be extra careful during travel.

  • Credit Cards, cash and other modes of finance:

Money is the fuel which you need to spend your every day. Some places do not accept credit cards. Most people feel comfortable when using cash for payments rather than credit cards or bank transactions during travel. Hence, carry appropriate amount of cash with you.

  • Take care of hygiene and sanitation

Carry your own water bottles. If this is not possible then drink only bottled or boiled water and fizzy drinks. Avoid tap water, ice cubes and other drinks that are not being made by reliable brands. Buy water bottles only from reputable outlets to protect against abdomen upsets. Some of the well known companies are Bisleri, Kinley, Aqua Fina, Himalaya, Nestle etc. Always ensure that the seal of the bottle is undamaged before purchasing the bottle.

  • Exploring the area

The best option to travel around the place is to use a cab or a taxi as they are not expensive and secondly, the driver knows all the locations of the area. Thus, moving around and exploring the area becomes much easier and safer.

  • Cellular Phones

Before leaving your place, make sure that you have enabled roaming facility. Keep track of the charges for short messaging service or phone calls. Inform your cellular phone company about your trip.

  • Electricity converters and adapters

Voltage converters are also known as power adapters.  Laptops in North America operate on 120 V while those in Europe work on 220-240 V potential. If your electronic item does not have an adapter that covers both currents, you need a voltage converter to step down the current in Europe to the one which can be handled by your equipment. Hence, it is advisable to carry a converter for your electronic devices during travel.

  • Other essentials

Avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight during travel. Carry hats, sunscreen lotions, sun glasses etc. Carry your own medical kit that contains pain killers, bandages, first aid equipment, Dettol etc.


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