18 Jun

When students finish their college and enter into some university, nothing can be compared to the feeling of joy and contentment. They live in the world of aspirations and imagination but soon they come face to face with the harsh realities of life, such as, tuition fees, books, rent, food, and other expenditure. Fortunately, nowadays many universities, colleges, some industries or companies and even the government provide opportunity to the university students to get grants. The best thing about these grants is that they are free from any liability. Unlike scholarships and loans, the university student is not required to return the money. In fact, he does not have to perform any exceptional task to deserve it. All a student has to do to get grant is to simply apply for it. However, many administrative departments at various universities need a solid reason to issue grant to a student. Every educational institute has a criterion which determines the eligibility of a student to get grant. This facility is mostly provided to students who have a weak financial background, who exist in unconditional circumstances, who belong to minorities, who are older than other students, who are members of forces like army and those who desire to become teachers or instructors themselves.

For a student to get grant, he must follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Ensure that his school is recognized by an authorizing organization
  • Keep the financial documents (such as pay slips, bank receipts etc) ready. In order to get a grant, a student is required to prove that he and his family are going through financial crisis
  • Read all terms and conditions very carefully before applying for any grant.
  • Keep a track of application deadlines.
  • Never ever lie about anything. On purpose incorrect statements can bring to you a lot of legal problems.

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