Top Five Travel Careers: Easy ways to earn money

18 Jun

What can be more exciting than getting paid for something you enjoy doing? Especially when all you have to do is travel to different places, meet different people, shopping and enriching your experiences and people pay you for this! Isn’t it a dream job? This article discusses some of the career options related to travel and tourism that can help you earn good money without much sweating.

We often encounter people like a traveling nurse, an airline hostess or pilot, a traveling chef, a cruise ship worker, yacht crew member, a massage therapist or hospitality worker at a resort. All these job options can be included under travel and tourism careers. Such careers are ideal for people who love traveling and enjoy sightseeing. The job hours are quite flexible and one can opt for part time or full time career. The following are top five travel career options on the basis of ease and finance:

Career #1: Tour Guide

Are you the kind of a person who has wide range of hobbies? Do you enjoy eating exquisite food, reading, listening to various genres of music or sports? If your answer is a yes then this job is ideal for you!

Through this job you can easily get paid for guiding people to places that you have already been or have researched on. You may also get a chance to visit places that you always dreamt of visiting. Though you can earn some great money by guiding tours but an additional amount can be made if you are capable of booking the airfares, cruises, and housing of your customers yourself, without the need of any travel agent.

Career #2: Travel Video Maker

Are you the kind of a person who loves to capture nature or make videos and upload them on sites like YouTube, Facebook and other such sites? If you are good at video making then some resorts may hire you to promote their place through your videos so that they can expand their business.

The pre-requisites of this career are not too many. You just need a digital camera to get started. This is not a problem as nowadays almost everyone has a digital camera. Secondly, you will also need a laptop or note book and some editing software.

Career #3: Travel Article Writer

If you have a flair for writing, you can opt for this career. Initially you can start working by writing postcards or small articles for websites and magazines that promote travel spots. Later on, as you gain experience, you can start writing longer articles and make money accordingly. At times you can publish one article in several places and earn money.

You can also write a travel guide book or publish your articles on web travel directories and earn revenues.

Career #4: Travel Photographer

Through travel photography you can make quick money. Also travel writing and photography can be adopted together to earn greater money by submitting photos along with the articles.

You can upload your photographs on some site and whenever somebody buys your photograph, you can have your commission. If you do not own any website, you can put up for sale your travel photographs online.

Career #5: Travel Publication Owner

With the help of your own website or newsletter, you can promote various resorts or lodges and earn money in return. Nowadays, various hotels seek such promotion for their business expansion.


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