Your Guide To Non-Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

18 Jun

With the increasing fashion of wearing coloured contact lenses, nearly every individual irrespective of social status or class is flocking towards it. Today everyone wants coloured contact lenses matching well with the outfit. The best part about these coloured contact lenses is that you do not need to be short sighted or long sighted to own a pair of them. Several optical shops are now selling non prescription coloured contact lenses at absolutely reasonable prices. This articles shares with you the importance of non prescription coloured contact lenses and why their popularity is increasing day by day.

Non prescription coloured contact lenses, popularly known as plano, are widely available in the market under the brand names such as Freshlook, Durasoft Colors and Acuvue 2 Colors. When ordering non prescription coloured contact lenses, you only have to identify “zero” wherever  power is required. One can also get hundreds of unbranded non prescription coloured contact lenses on the internet.

Though, it is suggested to opt for a renowned product formed by recognized contact lens company. The motive is that although the majority of coloured contact lenses give the impression of being superb in the eyes, they may not be comfortable to wear. Branded contact lenses are prepared from superior resources and are intended to be comfy in addition to being stunning. Alternatively, unidentified coloured contact lenses are not only painful, but also dangerous. As a few paints are somewhat poisonous, hence, it is vital to make use of a paint or coating that is secure for the eyes.

The non prescription coloured contact lenses may be divided into two classes- opaque coloured contact lenses and enhancement coloured contact lenses. The enhancement coloured contact lenses are typically found in a range of colours such as blue, green or even gray and are prepared to offer a much brighter ordinary eye colour. Unluckily, these lenses work well only with light coloured eyes. On the other hand, opaque coloured contact lenses are mostly designed for brown eyes. As the name suggests, these lenses are not translucent.


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