You can do it!

28 Jun

Yes, you! You can definitely do it. I know you have been hurt, bruised and burnt but trust me, u aren’t broken yet. Not so easily, my friend. So what if they have taken away your wings? They can’t stop you from flying. You don’t need wings to soar, do you? I believe your spirit is enough to fly high. Just don’t lose hope. Never be afraid of voicing your opinion. Never surrender. Pledge to fight till your last breath. Believe in yourself and believe in miracles. They do happen, sooner or later. Have faith in your fate and trust the power of prayer and perseverance. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. Stop trying to please others. Stop expecting from people. Learn to give and expect nothing in return. Learn to forgive. I know forgetting is not easy but never let your past negatively influence your present and future. Learn to move on. Focus on being interested than being interesting. Its easier to get what you want but very difficult to continue wanting what you get. Accept reality with an open heart and mind. Instead of looking for opportunities, create them. Never regret. Whatever happens, happens for the best. Value yourself so that you become invaluable to others. Take risks and be ready to face challenges. Do what you enjoy so that you finally enjoy what you do. Be passionate about something. Fall in love. Spread joy among others but start from yourself. Never let anyone degrade you or limit you.  Stay away from people who belittle you. Those laughing at you today will be the first ones to applaud on your success. Just keep going. With all its craziness and mess, happiness and pain, success and defeat, life is indeed beautiful. They never promised it to be easy. They just said it would be worth living. So stop worrying and start living…RIGHT NOW! 🙂


2 Responses to “You can do it!”

  1. jane June 29, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    Very motivational! Great message 🙂


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