Life and Facebook

17 Jul

I wish real life was as easy as it appears on facebook. With numerous emoticons available it would have been so convenient to show the world what’s going on inside you. If you are happy give a :), if upset frown like 😦 and if you are confused just like I am right now, do this :S. Where anger could be expressed using CAPSLOCK and laughter through hahaha, haha, buahaha, ROFL and LMAO depending on the level of amusement. Where k, ok and okay would emote three different things. Where the politest way to end a conversation would be through LOL. Actually you could use LOL when you really don’t know what to say. Where you could show your fondness for something by hitting the LIKE button which reminds me that I would appreciate a DISLIKE button too. Where you could easily kick irritating people out of your life by UNFRIENDing them. Where you could choose who should enter your life and who shouldn’t. Where your life could be as awesome as your profile. Where you could be as good looking as your profile picture. Where you could freely say what’s on your mind through mere status updates and later edit/delete them if needed. Where you wouldn’t be annoyed with people following you or stalking you. Where you could link all important matters of your life via hashtags. Where you could freely share every detail of your life with your friends while restricting others. Where people would always wish you on your birthdays and anniversaries and much more. Sigh. I wish, I  wish, I wish!


3 Responses to “Life and Facebook”

  1. Sarah July 17, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    Seriously! Real life sucks! I agree with you


  2. ayesha July 17, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    *Sigh* what a perspective 😀


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