Chocolate lava cake

10 Aug





100gms dark chocolate (small cubes)
100gms unsalted butter (small cubes)
2 eggs
50gms caster sugar
20gms self-raising flour


1. Melt dark chocolate and butter using a hot water bath (do not heat on the stove directly or the ingredients will burn).
2. In a large bowl, use an electric whisk to beat the eggs and sugar till the mixture turns frothy.
3. Pour melted chocolate and butter into the egg mixture. Stir in the flour. Use a spatula to mix everything evenly.
4. Grease your baking dish with some melted butter. Fill the dish up till 3/4th with the chocolate mixture and bake in a preheated oven at a temperature of about 180 degree C for about 10 minutes. Do not over-bake the cake to preserve the molten state at the centre.
5. Once baked, remove the dish from oven and let it cool for 1-2 minutes. Use a spoon to gently loosen the edges. Carefully invert the cake on a serving plate. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Chocolate lava cake”

  1. ayesha August 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

    I am dying to try it 😀


  2. jane August 11, 2013 at 1:00 am #

    Looks delicious. I’m definitely going to try this tomorrow! *excited* 😀



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