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I survived!

30 Sep



Beat Fear

17 Sep

beat fear

No promises, just efforts

8 Sep

I may have a thousand reasons to leave but I’ll stop if you give me just one good enough reason to stay. I don’t want anything. I don’t need anything but you. No promises, just efforts. Whole-hearted efforts to make our relationship work, to respect our differences and appreciate our similarities, to understand my stance and show adaptability, to be open and welcoming to changes, to be honest and sincere, to care, to love, to respect, to cherish, to stand with me at all times as a friend, to be my sanity check but also willing to go crazy with me once in a while, to keep me grounded, to take me closer to God, to laugh with me and shed tears with me too. And in return I’ll give the world to you and much more. No promises, just sincere, whole-hearted efforts!


Stop judging, start loving :)

3 Sep