Beauty Blunders

4 May


Today we are living in a world where women are more conscious about their looks. Hence, cosmetic companies are in a race to launch new products to cater to millions of such women across the globe. Each day there is a new product in the market and every woman, if not tries then at least, desires to grab it. Sadly, not many are aware of their proper usage. We often come across women who unknowingly fall victim to severe makeup mistakes that completely fail the purpose of beautifying them. I thought why not do a post on this issue so that a lot of women could benefit from it. Below is a compilation of few common beauty blunders that we often fall prey to.

1) Too much powder/foundation: foundation-makeup-too-thick

First things first, layering your face with loads and loads of foundation/powder will make you look like a cake topped with layers and layers of icing. This is a huge turn-off and biggest mistake, in my opinion. Talking of powder, HD powder is gaining great popularity especially among our celebrities. It is something that you use when you’re sure that you won’t experience flash photography. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like Nicole Kidman in the picture below. Also, if you have fine lines, mix a little moisturizer in your foundation. This will prevent the foundation from seeping into the lines. I prefer mineral makeup to cover up my blemishes.


2) Incorrect foundation/powder shade:

In order to look fair/tan, we often end up using the wrong foundation/powder shade. This also applies to the concealer. If you are unsure of which colour to choose, simply ask the sales representative to help you out. If confused, I personally opt for the lighter shade of foundation and later on blend it well with a darker shade of powder to achieve the right shade.


3) Unmatched face and hand/neck colour:

If you are into tanning then this is one point you must always keep in mind. Either tan your face, neck, hands and feet together or opt for some tanning spray to achieve uniformity. This is also true while applying foundation. Make sure that you cover your neck too along with the face, Otherwise, it will create a mismatched look.

4) Darker outline, lighter lipstick:

This looks awful. Unless, you blend it somehow to create an ombre effect. Otherwise, it is plain awful. In fact, it makes you look aged and is totally unflattering. Always use matching shades of lipstick and lip-liner. 0712-its-so-not-2010And, be happy with your own lips. Don’t try to fake them to look like Kylie’s. You are beautiful just the way you are! 🙂


5) Too much makeup:

One of the most common makeup mishaps is to have a dramatic eye makeup along with darker lips and blush. This looks like too much makeup. It is important to create the right balance and highlight one area at a time. Personally, I like soft eyes with bright lips during day time and at night I prefer darker, smokey eyes with pink/peach/nude lips.

images (1)

6) Blush lines:

Nothing can look more artificial than applying blush while leaving behind lines. The solution is simple. Skip the flat, small brush that often comes with the blusher and use a larger one that spreads the blush evenly.

8c5b8ad1982c9e4f20f6fd516d8124057) Bronzer is NOT for contouring:

Yes, you read it right. The purpose of bronzer is to highlight your skin for a sun-kissed look. While, contouring is all about creating shadows to make your contours prominent. Also, avoid putting up too much bronzer as this will fail the purpose. Opt for matte bronzers for a blended effect.

8) Mascara massacre: 95bdd4d63ebc9997c4492f968c7ab7dc

Mascara is my favourite makeup product when it comes to eye makeup. It gives a dramatic effect to my eyes. But, it looks plain hideous if it creates lumps in your lashes. If you want thicker lashes then opt for a pair of falsies rather than thickening them with mascara. As a tip, apply a mixture of castor oil, olive oil and Vitamin-E oil to naturally thicken your lashes.

eyeliner9) Eyeliner faux pas:

Please do not apply liner across half of your eye lid. It looks funny. If complete liner makes your eyes look small then slightly smudge it on the inner eye corners to create a dramatic effect. Also, apply winged liner only if you have mastered the art. Otherwise, it looks messy. For bigger eyes, invest in a white kohl pencil to make your eyes look bigger.

I hope these will help you out. Don’t forget to drop in your suggestions in the comment section below.



3 Responses to “Beauty Blunders”

  1. Aruna Nair May 5, 2015 at 12:19 am #

    You have covered them so beautifully. It will help me for sure. I love your posts. Keep them coming!!


    • iExpressBlog May 5, 2015 at 12:27 am #

      Thank you for the feedback, Aruna. It feels great to be appreciated. God bless!



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