Haul: Makeup Removers

8 May

Hi dolls! I hope you all are having a good time. I’ve been reviewing a lot of makeup products lately and you have given a great response through comments and likes. So, a BIG thank you! It is your encouragement and appreciation that keeps me going. Love ya loads! 🙂

Today, I’ll be sharing some of my current favourite makeup removers. It is extremely important to remove every teeny weeny bit of makeup before you go to bed. Otherwise, the chemicals present in cosmetics can lead to rapid aging and damage skin cells. Anyways, coming back to the removers. Below are the top three products that effectively remove makeup without drying up my skin.

11208801_10152719723020946_162460330_n1) Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover:

This is an oil-free formula by Johnson & Johnson and is, by far, my most favourite makeup removing product. It promises to go down to the pores to remove oil, dirt and all types of makeup that could clog pores and lead to spots and blackheads. It also works well on waterproof mascara.  The best part is that you just have to apply it to a cotton wool and gently wipe over face, neck and eyes. No need to rinse. Saves time, eh? Perfect for lazy days! 🙂

2) Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: 11212322_10152719722795946_592167984_n

Unlike Clean & Clear Makeup Remover which looks like a lotion, this product is a transparent watery liquid that needs to be shaken well before use. It works perfectly to remove eye and lip makeup only. Trust me, it can remove even the toughest lipsticks and glosses. It is formulated with Xylitol to retain essential moisture in the delicate eye and lip areas and leaves skin fresh and smooth without any oil sensation. A 125ml bottle costs around $27 and is totally worth it.

11198861_10152719722950946_1161436865_n3) Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover Lotion:

This is one product that smells good and is suitable for all skin types. If your skin is sensitive like mine, you will love it for sure. It works great to remove waterproof and lasting makeup. It is moisturizing, fast and efficient and gets off even the most stubborn mascara right away. I received its 30ml tube as a gift with purchase. Its 6.7oz bottle costs around $28 at present.

What makeup removers do you use? Don’t forget to drop in your comments. I love hearing from you all.



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