Review: Nivea Powder Touch Anti-perspirant

18 May

Nothing can be more embarrasing than body odor. Summer is on full swing in Jeddah these days and we all know how much our sweat glands love this weather. I usually do not review personal hygiene products for the sake of privacy (weird? maybe!) but this is something I really wanted to write about ever since I saw the photo below on facebook.


I am an avid user of deodorants and prefer stick based products over gels/sprays. However, the new Powder Touch Anti-perspirant by Nivea is a worthy exception. It comes in a 35ml spray bottle that is easy to carry in your clutch and smells heavenly.


It is absolutely free of alcohol and colourants. You just have to shake the bottle well before use and hold 15cm from the underarm and spray. Simple! The only thing tough for somebody as impatient as me is to allow it to dry completely (which is quick, by the way). This is actually why I prefer stick deos. Anyways, once dried, it is totally hassle-free. It is claimed to provide 48 hour protection but, sadly, it does not stay for long even if you sweat mildly.


Even though the product is manufactured to provide gentle care, it can cause slight tinge (initially) if your skin is irritated or is freshly shaven. It leaves your skin feeling soft, thanks to the ‘powder touch’. The spray can is extremely flammable and needs to be protected from sunlight.


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