Rocking the RED lips 💄

25 May

Hey pretty faces!! How are ya’ll doing? I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Whoever likes red lips here please raise your hand! *raises both hands* 😀

So we all love red lipstick, right? I just can’t get enough of it. I think red pout can add colour and vibrancy to any outfit. I am more of a gloss person than lipsticks. Apart from numerous red glosses I have four red lippies at the moment. Here’s a glimpse of them.


My current red lippies (EA, Mikyajy, Loreal, Becute)

Now lets dissect them one by one.

1) Ceramide Ultra Lipstick by Elizabeth Arden in shade Brick

First things first, I love the packaging of this product. Gold and black is one of my favourite combos and this one looks really pretty. The lipstick itself is super glossy which also moisturizes my lips well. The colour is deep and looks breathtakingly beautiful. The only problem with this lippy is that due to its glossy nature it smudges after an hour or so. Hence, I won’t call it long lasting.

2) Mikyajy Red Lipstick

This actually came with a kit and has no particular name. The texture is smooth and it glides easily over my lips, giving a rich red shade. This lipstick is also a little glossy and light due to which multiple coats are needed to get the true colour. For better coverage, I’d suggest using it with a lip primer.

3) Loreal Paris 533

This lipstick has a gorgeous bright red colour that instantly brightens my mood along with my lips. The texture is matte but not as smooth as of the ones mentioned above. I mix it with a little vaseline before application. It not only adds shine to my lips and moisturizes them but also makes the colour last long.

4) Becute 325

This lipstick was gifted to me by a relative and I really liked it for its matte quality and smooth creamy texture. It is easy to apply, has a pleasant smell, is not expensive and stays for long. It is so deeply pigmented that I have to make several attempts to wipe it off with a makeup remover. In fact, it leaves behind a stain on the lips when the colour fades. I’ve always received compliments whenever I’ve worn this colour. It looks classy and retro when paired with a winged eyeliner. I’d suggest the use of a lip balm/vaseline underneath as the formula is matte and, hence, can sometimes be a little drying. This is actually my go-to red lippy because it does not require frequent re-applications.

Below are the swatches of these lipsticks in the same order as the description above.


Without flash


With flash

So, are you a gloss girl or a lippy lady? How many red lipsticks do you own? Suggest some good products via comments below. I’d love hearing from you.



2 Responses to “Rocking the RED lips 💄”

  1. themaylist May 25, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

    The L’oreal one looks so good, I think I might give it a try!


    • iExpressBlog May 25, 2015 at 6:28 pm #

      Sure. It’s gorgeous! I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂


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