Makeup Look 1

27 May

Hello lovelies! As I promised yesterday to share with you all my different makeup looks so here comes my first post in this new category *drumrolls*


Makeup Look 1

This is what I did yesterday. I dolled up myself as a traditional Pakistani bride in rememberance of my own wedding! 🙂 You may have seen this photo on my Facebook page or Instagram as I was too excited to wait and uploaded it as soon as I got ready. However, I’ll share the details here. Below are the products which I used to create this look.

Foundation & Compact:

Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous in shade Natural Skin 103
Pressed compact powder by Etude cosmetics


Absolute moisture lip liner by Diana of London in shade 14-Pink Peony
Provocalips Lip Colour by Rimmel London in shade 310 Little Minx (reviewed here)

Eyes & Eyebrows:

Eyeshadows by Victoria Secrets & Mikyajy
Eye liner and Mascara by Elizabeth Arden
Eyebrow pencil Spiked by M.A.C

Cheeks & Contour:

Blush by DMGM cosmetics in shade Dusky Rose
Contouring essentials by Mikyajy

Do tell me how you like it. And, if you want me to feature any of your makeup looks on my blog then drop a comment below and I’ll get in touch with you.

Lots of love!



4 Responses to “Makeup Look 1”

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  2. blushandsuch May 27, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

    Very nice!


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