To Contour or not to Contour + Makeup Look 3

29 May

Hello lovelies! Whether you are a MUA, a beauty blogger or a makeup addict like me you must be aware of what a miracle contouring is and how contouring and photography are married to eachother. Until recently, a wide majority of ladies were totally unaware of what contouring is and how it is done. Thanks to the celebrities like Kim K. and Lilly G. contouring has become such a huge rage.

For all those who are still unaware of this booming trend let me quickly give you an idea. In simple words, contouring is all about creating shadows to highlight your features. So, if you have a wide nose, flabby cheeks or you simply want to look all chiselled then contouring can be your best friend. Various brands have come up with their contouring kits suitable for different skin tones. And, just as I discussed in my previous post on beauty blunders, bronzer is NOT for contouring.

I am not a huge fan of contouring but I do use this trick on special occasions, especially when I know that I’d be photographed. Areas which I contour are my nose, cheeks and jaw line. Below are my pictures before and after slight contouring.


Nose contouring


Cheek contouring

My contouring routine is simple. I have two kits for this purpose. One is by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the other is by Mikyajy cosmetics. I started using Mikyajy kit (reviewed here) after moving to the Middle East and really liked it. It has become a staple now. The picture below is a simple tutorial by Tarte Cosmetics and will show exactly how I contour my face.


Source: Tarte Cosmetics

And, now comes my final makeup look. This is usually how I like my makeup to be. Just a liner, mascara, blush and lippy. No foundation, eyeshadows and contouring. Quick and super simple!


Makeup look 3

These are the products I used to create this simple day look.


Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in shade Plum (60) by Rimmel London

Eyes & Eyebrows:

Eye liner and Mascara by Estee Lauder
Eyebrow Pencil Spiked by M.A.C cosmetics

Cheeks & Contour:

Blush by DMGM in shade Dusky Rose

So, which is your simplest day look? And, how do you contour your face? Don’t forget to give your suggestions!



2 Responses to “To Contour or not to Contour + Makeup Look 3”

  1. JustJayBeauty May 29, 2015 at 6:15 pm #

    It’s really interesting to see the difference before and after contouring. I think it’s important to do when wearing a full coverage foundation because that removes the definition of certain features on the face. Great post 🙂 Jay x


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