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Makeup looks 8 & 9

16 Sep


The two shades of me

Hey girlies! Hope y’all are having a great time. Sorry for being out of scene as I am in Pakistan on a family trip. I’ll be regular as soon as I get back home *hopefully*

I’ve been experimenting a lot with my looks lately. Some days are marked with bright colours while others are spent with nudes and pastels. As you can see, in the picture above, I’ve tried two different makeup looks. First one uses plum lip stain by Revlon and has dramatic eye shadows by MAC cosmetics and Lancome. Second, on the other hand, has a funkier look whose highlight is ombre lips. This is actually my first attempt at creating ombre lips and I am quite happy with the result. Here’s a close up of my second look.


Ombre lips

In this look I’ve blended my orange lippy by Mikyajy with bright pink shade by Elizabeth Arden. For eyes I have used shadows by BH cosmetics.

If you are interested in knowing more details about the products used and techniques, drop me a comment below. I have lots of reviews coming up about my latest makeup haul so keep checking out my space.

Much love!