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Product Review: LUX Sweet Embrace Body Wash

20 Apr


Hey ya! Time for another quick review. Yesterday I bought this fragranced body wash by LUX. This is actually my first body wash by LUX as previously I have always used Dove, Nivea or Body Shop ones. It is called Sweet Embrace and as claimed it does have a long-lasting and alluring fragrance. Enriched with fragrance pearls of passion flower and vanilla oil, this body wash is an orange coloured liquid which makes enough lather with a small quantity. It made my skin soft and left behind a pleasant smell after the first use. However, people who prefer mild smell may find it a bit strong. I got this 500ml bottle for around SAR 22. I am liking it so far but the Nivea one remains my absolute favorite.

I’d love to hear your suggestions. Do tell me which body wash products do you like.





Product Review: Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Triple Silk Body Oil Mist

20 Apr


Hello pretty ladies! I hope y’all having a great day. Today I am doing a short review on triple silk body oil mist from the Pink Chiffon collection of Bath & Body Works. I bought its 8oz. bottle for around $20. I use if often to spray all over the body after shower and it makes my skin soft and silky along with leaving behind a heavenly smell. It works as a great moisturizer which is not at all greasy. Lately, I have started using it to give silky effect to my makeup. Just like a makeup setting spray, I spray it on my face and it does wonders. My makeup looks dewy and stays on for a long time without sweating or greasiness.

What other body oil mists have you used? Do share with me 🙂