Tulip Shalwar-Yay or Nay?

5 Aug


Hi ladies! I am back with another latest trend in Pakistani Fashion. Tulip Shalwar has been a hot favourite among women in Pakistan for quite a long time now. It is literally the talk of the town. Women have been discussing it and it has become a media buzz in just a short span of time. So let me ask you a question, does this Tulip Shalwar appeal to you as attractive or as a total fiasco? Well, people might have different opinions depending on their taste in clothing altogether.




images (1)


On the bright side, these Tulip Shalwars have received both positive and negative as well as funny responses on the social media. They are also known as Dhoti Shalwars. For some, it is completely ridiculous and for some, it is simple and elegant. Well, in my opinion, it is a fad which will disappear as quickly as it has come in the market. Needless to say, dozens of the brands have even started customizing their own styles in these shalwars and have started selling it which are being widely received by the masses. What is your take on it? Are there any other stylish outfits on your list? Do share with me! 🙂

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