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Want to Work from Home? Now you can with WriterBay!

13 Mar


Are you a good writer? Do you know how to produce well-researched articles with absolutely no plagiarism? Here’s a chance for you to make bucks while sitting at home. All you need is your sheer talent and internet. That’s it! With zero investment (in terms of money), you can easily earn up to thousands of dollars each month with WriterBay. It doesn’t matter if you are an academic writer or a blogger, there’s something for everyone! Sounds too good to be true, eh? I can totally understand. In fact, I had a similar opinion a few months back. I mean, due to some scams we somehow have trust issues regarding working online but this one platform that I have been working for has restored my faith in freelancing and working online.


What is WriterBay?

Before I share my personal experience with WriterBay, let me introduce it you. WriterBay is an online writing platform that offers a huge selection of paid writing jobs. Whether you are an engineer or hold a degree in medicine, you will find plenty of work directly related to your field. Their pay rates are competitive and payments are released monthly. They offer a number of payment modes so it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are; your hard earned money will always reach you! Not convinced yet? Here’s more to win you over! Unlike most of the other online writing websites, they offer promotions to writers who produce top-notch papers free from plagiarism. And, promotion means upgraded status to satisfy your self-esteem and BONUS!! Even if you are a new writer but your clients are satisfied with your work, you may be promoted. Cool, right?

If, by now, you are convinced to give it a shot then all you have to do is head over to their website and sign in. Registration process is absolutely free and they offer lifetime membership. It’s a great source to generate a steady income each month. Through their registration process you are assessed for your expertise in English language grammar and writing skills as well as familiarity with different referencing styles. Hence, only the ones with merit can succeed. They provide ample opportunities to learn as you work and their support staff is available 24×7 to guide you further. In return, they only expect you to produce good quality work and comply with the deadlines.

Speaking of the deadlines, if you are already working somewhere or find it difficult to manage time then they also have tasks with longer deadlines. You can always apply for those and work at your own pace. While for the ones like me who get adrenaline rush with short deadlines or who work better when under pressure then there are tasks with super tight deadlines but big money. Fair enough, right?

How’s it to work with WriterBay? My personal experience….

I joined WriterBay in October 2016 on a friend’s recommendation. Initially, I was really not sure how to go about it as the registration process looked tough and had a series of assessment tests. Anyhow, I managed to complete all the steps and my application was successful. I applied for a few interesting tasks and was soon awarded with one that matched my expertise. I got done with it well before the deadline and submitted it. Voila! To my surprise, it was approved within a few days and I could see my first payment glistening on the portal. Needless to say, I was over the moon. This experience actually boosted my morale and strengthened my belief in the authenticity of this website. Up till now I have done a few tasks with WriterBay and the experience has been wonderful. I am free to apply for as many writing jobs as I want and even enjoy the liberty to decline a few if they are beyond my expertise. The support staff is available 24×7 and is extremely cooperative. Recently, I had some issues regarding my selected payment mode so I contacted them for support. They were very accommodating with all my requests and solved the issue within no time. Even as I write this blog, I have a few of their tasks at hand that I am working on at my convenience. The only issue I have so far is that once you apply for a task, the quality assurance department checks if it matches with your qualification before assigning it to you. While it is a good approach but, at times, there are tasks that I am genuinely interested in or have relevant experience while working somewhere previously but just because I do not have a degree in that particular subject, I may not get it. One possibility in this regard could be to allow the writer to upload a related previous work sample so as to judge his or her ability to work on it. All in all, I am enjoying working with WriterBay and really hope to continue working as long as I can.

My Two Cents….


  • Competitive rates
  • Flexibility to choose work
  • Timely payments
  • Super helpful support system
  • Zero investment but steady income


  • Allotment of work on the basis of your qualification which means that you can often lose tasks with subjects that you do not have a degree in but can easily write on

After this post if you are even a teeny-weeny bit convinced and want to give it a try then all you have to do is visit their website and register. Oh and one more thing! You can also grow your income with their excellent referral program. So, once your application is successful, don’t forget to take your friends on-board. Good luck!

To detox or not to detox…

13 Mar


Do you know your body is exposed to numerous poisonous substances called contaminants, artificial food constituents, and insecticides that harm our body? We are in continuous interaction with damaging viruses and contaminants. They are present in the water we drink, the food we consume, the air we inhale and so on. It is very tough to escape from them. These toxins are actually a source of numerous health problems that have been introduced in our systems over the years. Worry not! It is easy to get rid of these harmful toxins by a process called ‘Detox’.


What exactly is a detox?

In simple words, detox is a procedure in which an individual incorporates changes in his or her lifestyle to clear the body of contaminants. These routine changes normally involve refraining from certain injurious things and improving body processes. Some modifications are transitory, for example; following a cleansing regimen while others are long-lasting.

Want to get rid of these toxins in an effective way? Here are a few tips:

1. Opt for Organic Foods

The best way to eliminate toxins from your body is to support the body’s natural cleansing process by reducing its burden and lessening the contaminants you put in the body. Opt for organic food products over junk and other treated foodstuffs.

2. Workout and Meditation

Workout and meditation aid in maintaining a fit body. Working out makes you perspire, and perspiration benefits by releasing contaminants through skin. Also, meditation frees your mind and decreases tension that can be as deadly to your well-being as chemicals.

3. Nutrition

Cleansing your body is not just restricted to what you elude, but is also concerned with what you ingest. Hence, it is important to consume a healthy nutrition. There are numerous foods that help in detoxification such as garlic, lemon, broccoli shoots, beans, and raw vegetables.

4. Enema Kits

The idea of using an enema kit may make you wince at first but it is actually an effective way to get rid of body toxins. It is a technique to flush waste products out of your colon. While there are multiple enema kits available in the market, coffee enemas are a popular choice to be used for the therapeutic treatment for multiple illnesses such as constipation, weariness and liver cleansing.

5. Cleanse the Air You Inhale

Another way to naturally detoxify the body is to breathe in clean air. While it is not possible to control the entire atmosphere, apparently you can control the environment in your house and work spaces. The most reliable way is to invest in an air purifier. However, if a good quality air purifier is a bit too heavy on your pocket then it is best to get a few house plants that act as natural air purifiers.

6. Cleanse Your System With Water

Want to know another cheap yet effective way to detox the body? Just watch out what you drink! Water is perhaps the most valued tool for cleansing your system. The body’s most elementary roles need water. Be it to produce saliva, aid with sweating, and eliminate waste. Drink plenty of water. Replace coffee, tea and sports drinks with a glass of clean water. If you find the taste too bland then add in a few drops of lemon juice or slices of cucumber to your water.

Have you performed a detox of any sort?  Share with me your experience!

Clean your Kitchen Appliances like a pro!

11 Mar

rear view of woman with yellow gloves in kitchen doing housework

What’s the toughest part to clean in your home? Especially after a big fat party is over? The kitchen, right? Well, it appears to be the most challenging area to clean from the whole household. Ladies would rather prefer dusting the furniture for hours over cleaning the kitchen appliances. For working women, a convenient option is to hire professional cleaners.


Nevertheless, here are few tips for cleaning your kitchen appliances within no time, without substantial exertion and even without spending cash on costly scrubbing products.

1. Blender:

Nearly every house has a blender now. Especially if your family loves to consume healthy and fresh juices and foods. While it makes your life easier with some quick blending and mixing, it is a quite tough task to clean it thoroughly. Although it is appealing to put the jug away after pouring out the contents, just add some water and a few drops of liquid detergent. Put it back on the mixer and turn on the appliance for nearly 30 seconds. Everything remaining on the insides of the jug will be effortlessly removed and a simple wash with water will complete the task.

2. Microwave oven:

Talking about cleaning kitchen appliances, nearly all housewives dislike the microwave oven. Why? Simply because they don’t know how to clean it easily and effortlessly. Put some damp paper towels in it, switch it on for some minutes and watch the magic! The vapours these towels produce will aid in removing the tints and the filth easily. Once the towels cool down, take them out of the oven and utilize them for dabbing the inner walls of the oven for getting rid of all grime. Have a foul smelling oven? Put a mug of water with half a cup of lime juice in it and turn on the oven for some minutes. Keep the mixture in there for additional ten minutes. Voila! Your oven will become odourless.

3. Coffee/Tea pot:

Remember the white exquisite tea/coffee pot you got as a present on last Christmas? As beautiful as it looks while placed on your coffee table, it will soon turn into brownish one unless you regularly clean this pot. Worry not! You only need three things to clean it: ice, salt and lemon. Fill the quarter of the pot with ice, then add some lemon juice and around two tablespoons of salt. Spin the pot enclosing this mixture for a few minutes and then wash it with plain water. That’s it!

4. Trash Can:

This is not essentially the most problematic, but certainly the most spiteful area of kitchen cleaning. The unpleasant smell with tough stains make the cleaning task a herculean one. Not anymore! Just use some ice cubes composed of water with equal parts of vinegar, rub these cubes in the trash can and you are done within a minute!

So, how do you clean your kitchen? Share with me your cleaning stories. I’d love to hear from you.


Organic Food: What’s the hype?

11 Mar


Every other person I come across who is even a bit concerned about his health strongly advocates the use of organic food. We all know that organic food is healthier in general as it contains smaller amount of chemicals and is a better lifestyle choice. Hence, it is comparatively more expensive than the regular food stuff. But, is it actually worth it? Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out what the hype is all about!

Why go ‘Organic’?

Over the last decade, much consideration has been given to organic foods and how they are redefining the manner agrarian goods are consumed. Numerous studies have been conducted to demonstrate how organic food is a healthier choice for consumers. On the other hand, some principal news reporters and specialists have appealed that introduction of organic food is just a publicity gimmick and it does not signify a better lifestyle choice for consumers. If we probe deeper into organic food and how it contrasts from customary food items, it is evident that there are certain advantages which are absent in normal foods. Recent studies conducted by Stanford concluded that organic food is better for human health since it is not artificially altered and is devoid of chemicals. Deirde Imus reported for Fox News that the Stanford organic food study she researched exposed that organic food items such as fruits and vegetables typically contain 12% more healthier composites than conventionally cultivated crops – composites like secondary metabolites, which are supposed to guard against obesity, tumor and heart ailment.


Human bodies are still Organic!

There are some chemicals in organic foods that are totally natural, prodigious for our immune system and are just not found in other foods that we consume today. Obviously, the element that organic food is not profoundly altered or meddled by people depicts that there are benefits of natural constituents. Moreover, it is imperative to recall that organic food is the anticipated approach for individuals to eat. Although humans have progressed over the passage of thousands of years, our bodies are still adapted to the consumption of unmodified food. Most of the food that we consume today is either genetically modified or chemically treated in some other way, hence, it is unnatural by default. One obvious drawback of such processed and modified foods is obesity which is gradually increasing among the masses.

Organic food, on the other hand, is free of the inessential pesticides and chemicals that are generally utilized to nurture agrarian products. Otherwise, most of these chemicals used in food are extremely precarious. Another study conducted at Stanford University discovered that such pesticides target the neural system, and have been associated in studies of American kids with lesser birth weight and hyperactivity disorders. When agriculturalists use chemicals to protect their crops from bacteria, they are concurrently infecting them with hazardous chemicals that can cause huge damage to the consumers. Therefore, organic foods are a superior choice as they are devoid of such harmful ingredients. Moreover, organic food serves best in case of diseases that spread because of deadly chemicals in foods. For example, the advent of mad cow disease drew attention to the process with which livestock animals were being raised, physically and chemically, and it was found out that the meat we consume is altered and accumulated at the lowest possible price, thereby, compromising on the quality. Since organic food is prepared without pesticides or other inessential chemicals, it cannot develop inclinations to damage health.


Still not convinced? Read on….

In general, organic food is a better choice for the whole atmosphere since all of the chemicals used in the production of regular food crops are not incorporated into the soil, water and air. According to the Organic Trade Association, an international investigation of groundwater contamination concluded that a poisonous infusion of pesticides, nitrogen fertilizers, industrial chemicals, and heavy metals is polluting groundwater universally. Due to this, approximately 40 percent of the world’s agrarian land is extremely ruined, destabilizing both current and forthcoming production ability. Additionally, production and consumption of organic foods also yields favourable result in terms of air quality since the current practice of food production releases carbon dioxide into the air which is not beneficial for human health. Fortunately, organic practices can eliminate about 7,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air annually. Likewise, organic food production is beneficial for the soil as well. Soil sprayed with pesticides and other intrusive chemicals experiences reduced fertility and poor quality. Whereas, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, soil that is used to cultivate organic food only tends to be richer, improved and more probable to last longer. Hence, organic foods have numerous benefits to human health as well as our environment.

The ‘myths’ about Organic Foods

Despite the substantiation provided, some studies and research initiatives indicate that there are no advantages to organic food which is totally misleading. There could be some political or economic agenda behind such a claim or most probably the findings are misinterpreted. Deirde Imus states that the allegory that organic foods are not better than their regular equivalents is beyond scandalous: it is solely incorrect. We have already seen that there are logical and dietetic grounds for the benefits of organic foods over conventional ones. Just by looking back at history we can also judge that people in the past were generally free from obesity and other negative health trends which are quite common today. The fundamental difference is that the nutrition has now become much more administered in terms of how chemicals are being utilized. Organic foods being devoid of toxic chemicals offer stronger health benefits and a stronger environment and are much healthier for you on the whole.

Now that you know what treasures the organic food holds, it’s time to ditch the processed food and go ORGANIC!