Want to Work from Home? Now you can with WriterBay!

13 Mar


Are you a good writer? Do you know how to produce well-researched articles with absolutely no plagiarism? Here’s a chance for you to make bucks while sitting at home. All you need is your sheer talent and internet. That’s it! With zero investment (in terms of money), you can easily earn up to thousands of dollars each month with WriterBay. It doesn’t matter if you are an academic writer or a blogger, there’s something for everyone! Sounds too good to be true, eh? I can totally understand. In fact, I had a similar opinion a few months back. I mean, due to some scams we somehow have trust issues regarding working online but this one platform that I have been working for has restored my faith in freelancing and working online.


What is WriterBay?

Before I share my personal experience with WriterBay, let me introduce it you. WriterBay is an online writing platform that offers a huge selection of paid writing jobs. Whether you are an engineer or hold a degree in medicine, you will find plenty of work directly related to your field. Their pay rates are competitive and payments are released monthly. They offer a number of payment modes so it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are; your hard earned money will always reach you! Not convinced yet? Here’s more to win you over! Unlike most of the other online writing websites, they offer promotions to writers who produce top-notch papers free from plagiarism. And, promotion means upgraded status to satisfy your self-esteem and BONUS!! Even if you are a new writer but your clients are satisfied with your work, you may be promoted. Cool, right?

If, by now, you are convinced to give it a shot then all you have to do is head over to their website and sign in. Registration process is absolutely free and they offer lifetime membership. It’s a great source to generate a steady income each month. Through their registration process you are assessed for your expertise in English language grammar and writing skills as well as familiarity with different referencing styles. Hence, only the ones with merit can succeed. They provide ample opportunities to learn as you work and their support staff is available 24×7 to guide you further. In return, they only expect you to produce good quality work and comply with the deadlines.

Speaking of the deadlines, if you are already working somewhere or find it difficult to manage time then they also have tasks with longer deadlines. You can always apply for those and work at your own pace. While for the ones like me who get adrenaline rush with short deadlines or who work better when under pressure then there are tasks with super tight deadlines but big money. Fair enough, right?

How’s it to work with WriterBay? My personal experience….

I joined WriterBay in October 2016 on a friend’s recommendation. Initially, I was really not sure how to go about it as the registration process looked tough and had a series of assessment tests. Anyhow, I managed to complete all the steps and my application was successful. I applied for a few interesting tasks and was soon awarded with one that matched my expertise. I got done with it well before the deadline and submitted it. Voila! To my surprise, it was approved within a few days and I could see my first payment glistening on the portal. Needless to say, I was over the moon. This experience actually boosted my morale and strengthened my belief in the authenticity of this website. Up till now I have done a few tasks with WriterBay and the experience has been wonderful. I am free to apply for as many writing jobs as I want and even enjoy the liberty to decline a few if they are beyond my expertise. The support staff is available 24×7 and is extremely cooperative. Recently, I had some issues regarding my selected payment mode so I contacted them for support. They were very accommodating with all my requests and solved the issue within no time. Even as I write this blog, I have a few of their tasks at hand that I am working on at my convenience. The only issue I have so far is that once you apply for a task, the quality assurance department checks if it matches with your qualification before assigning it to you. While it is a good approach but, at times, there are tasks that I am genuinely interested in or have relevant experience while working somewhere previously but just because I do not have a degree in that particular subject, I may not get it. One possibility in this regard could be to allow the writer to upload a related previous work sample so as to judge his or her ability to work on it. All in all, I am enjoying working with WriterBay and really hope to continue working as long as I can.

My Two Cents….


  • Competitive rates
  • Flexibility to choose work
  • Timely payments
  • Super helpful support system
  • Zero investment but steady income


  • Allotment of work on the basis of your qualification which means that you can often lose tasks with subjects that you do not have a degree in but can easily write on

After this post if you are even a teeny-weeny bit convinced and want to give it a try then all you have to do is visit their website and register. Oh and one more thing! You can also grow your income with their excellent referral program. So, once your application is successful, don’t forget to take your friends on-board. Good luck!


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