What’s the fuss about Facial Cleansing Sticks?

23 Aug

Haven’t encountered the facial cleansing stick yet? It’s time to get ready for a lifestyle -and a skincare routine- that is about to transform for the better!

What is a Facial Cleansing Stick?

Facial cleansing sticks are essentially face wash but look like huge glue sticks. They are exactly what the name sounds like: solid cleansers in the form of a stick.

Beauty bloggers all over the world are going crazy over cleanser sticks. After all, they are spill-proof, leakage-proof and easy to carry while travelling, so you can keep one with you while heading over to your office, gym or even when going out for vacations, without a worry!

So, what’s the fuss about facial cleansing sticks?

Korean beauty company SU:M37 launched the first cleansing  stick called the Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. Ever since, famous bloggers have been raving about it, and now popular brands such as Boscia, Pur, A’Pieu, Etude House and Clinique are coming up their own varieties that are selling out like hot cakes.


Sticking with the Facial Cleanser Sticks

Here’s what makes these sticks a game-changing innovation:

  1. Quick application for the lazy you

Got up late? No time to for an early morning skin pampering session? No worries! Stop cursing your alarm and get your hands on a facial cleansing stick!

Just wet your face, put on the cleanser right from the stick and scour it onto your skin. Treat yourself with a quick facial massage while the cleanser lathers. Wash with clean water and voila, you are ready to rock a blemish-free, brighter skin.

  1. Travel-friendly so you can clear airport customs like a boss

You’ll love it especially if you travel a lot. It is in solid form which means you don’t have to fear about fluids leaking in your carry-on or tote. Its compactness also makes it the flawless toss-it-in-your-hand-bag facial cleanser for a fun day at the seaside.

Now you don’t have to worry about exceeding the limit of allowed ounces on the airplane. You’ll skip the hassle of packing bottles and pumps and won’t ever get stopped by airport security staff!

  1. One stick, two functions

Searching for a good exfoliator? Look no further! Your facial cleansing stick can also be used as a second stage exfoliator.

Once you have washed your face with a gentle cleanser, use the stick to target particular zones such as your nose and temple for some extra cleaning. Use it as a spot treatment!

  1. Your mini salon at home

With amazing ingredients, these sticks can do more wonders then simply cleaning your face. For instance, Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment includes charcoal that detoxes your skin, while reducing pore size and zapping excess oil.


Clinique Take The Day Off Eye Makeup Remover Stick is a small cleansing stick that is designed specially for removing eye makeup. Why is the size small? So that you can have a quick fix, whenever you mess up a cat eye!


Say bye-bye to expensive salon visits and bring a facial cleansing stick at home!

Although they are a comparatively novel category, facial cleansing sticks are no trick. They are rightly called the ‘Face Wash of the Future’ because they really work well.

Owing to their massive popularity and hype, more and more brands are now formulating their own versions. These four reasons just might persuade you to transform the way you clean your face.


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