Raising the little Einstein: How to make your child love science

13 Dec

Are you a parent whose kids are always up to something? Are you tired of their countless questions? Is it nearly impossible to make them sit still? Well, this blog is for you!

We all know how kids are always fascinated about learning new things. Their tiny minds work round the clock and they love to be challenged. Kids of every age are naturally inquisitive and absorb new information through hands-on participation. One of the best ways of making them learn is to involve all of their five senses in the activity. Therefore, it is necessary to plan instructions around stuff that kids can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Nothing can be better than familiarizing these inquisitive thinkers with science at a young age! Sadly, in our part of the world, science education is more focused on reading piles and piles of books which can overburden even an adult. This is one of the reasons why only a small number of our students study science with their personal interest. A large section still chooses science over other disciplines due to parental/societal pressure.

Schoolchildren mixing liquids Free Photo


Here are five ways you can encourage your child to love science:

  1. Support them overcome fright

Science education can be overwhelming for a young mind. Therefore, it is vital to take the science-phobia out of a child before he is involved into any science activity. What you have to do is to teach your little champ that science is not all about data, measurements, abundant equations and experimentation. It’s not restricted to limitless reading and writing. In fact, it’s an exciting way to discover the world around you.

  1. Plan experiments at home

Expedite your child’s learning by practically involving him in an activity. There are countless scientific experiments you can enjoy together within your own home. Consequently, your kid will learn how simple and pleasurable science is by using simple resources and items lying in the home.

  1. Make reading sessions exciting

While mobile apps are a rage everywhere, science books still remain to be an imaginative source for both knowledge and fun. Several science books can enlighten your kid with scientific concepts and projects through enjoyable, easy to remember, and attractive content. Do not restrict your reading sessions to the course books only. You’ll find heaps of other colourful science books over the internet. Order them today and enjoy a stimulating weekend ahead with your little Einstein!

  1. Learn in the open air

Your kid might be doing lots of science experiments in the school laboratory but it’s just not enough to bring out his love for the subject. It is better to take him out in the open once in a while to diversify his outlook.

For example, plan an excursion to the zoo or visit a garden near your home and make him observe different plant species. This will allow your kid to experience the real-world side of science in a stimulating environment. Additionally, communication with fellow little geniuses will make him absorb faster and converse efficiently.

  1. Play computer games with them

Is your kid a game freak? Can he stare at the computer screen for hours without even drinking, eating or snoozing? If yes, you should use computer games and simulations to make him discover science. These games can brilliantly enhance his learning process and make him comprehend scientific ideas and abilities.

Final Word

Many of the activities mentioned above are inexpensive and require no special tools. Your kid might be scoring well in the science course but are you sure he’s actually learning? Get involved with him to explore science in an entertaining way and he’ll sooner or later fall in love with it.

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  1. Sana Syed December 13, 2018 at 8:27 pm #

    Very Helpful..


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