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My top 5 all-time favourite love stories

1 Jul

1. The Notebook
This is by far my most favourite love story. I don’t know when and why I fell in love with it. Was it the cute chemistry of the leading pair or Ryan Gosling‘s depiction of a simple boy-next-door or Rachel McAdams‘s exuberance? May be it was the heart-melting storyline combining all these reasons where each character was portrayed perfectly to a T.


2. A Walk To Remember
This is another heart touching love story where a spoilt brat falls in love with a naive girl and how they accept fate and how their love remains strong against all odds.


3. 50 First Dates
This story deals with a guy who is afraid of commitment but falls in love with a girl who suffers from Goldfield Syndrome, a type of amnesia. How he makes her fall in love with him every single day is what makes this movie so special and heart warming.


4. P.S. I Love You
The best part about this movie was its message that love doesn’t stop someone from living their life. It is strong enough to help you move on. This is what happens in this movie when a husband, suffering from brain tumour, leaves 10 messages for his wife so that she can move her life forward after his death. Each message ending with ‘P.S. I Love You’ made me emotional. I’ve become a Gerard Butler fan since this movie.


5. Titanic
This is another classical love story that truly depicts romance and sacrifice in the backdrop of a real life incident. Seeing Leonardo DiCaprio die in the climax made my heart weep. Kate Winslet looked as beautiful as ever and the Celine Dion song ‘My heart will go on‘ became an overnight love anthem after this blockbuster movie.


These are my top 5 all-time favourite love stories. However, the list doesn’t end here. I have come across several more but these 5 hold a special place in my heart. If you haven’t seen any of them I’d recommend you to watch it NOW. Please don’t forget to tell me about your top 5! 🙂

Top 5 thriller movies to watch this weekend

28 Jun

Top 5 thriller movies to watch this weekend:

1. The Call (2013)


2. Side Effects (2013)


3. Now You See Me (2013)

4. Would You Rather (2012)would
5. The Purge (2013)purge

Don’t forget to drop your comments about these movies. Have a nice weekend! 🙂