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Clean your Kitchen Appliances like a pro!

11 Mar

rear view of woman with yellow gloves in kitchen doing housework

What’s the toughest part to clean in your home? Especially after a big fat party is over? The kitchen, right? Well, it appears to be the most challenging area to clean from the whole household. Ladies would rather prefer dusting the furniture for hours over cleaning the kitchen appliances. For working women, a convenient option is to hire professional cleaners.


Nevertheless, here are few tips for cleaning your kitchen appliances within no time, without substantial exertion and even without spending cash on costly scrubbing products.

1. Blender:

Nearly every house has a blender now. Especially if your family loves to consume healthy and fresh juices and foods. While it makes your life easier with some quick blending and mixing, it is a quite tough task to clean it thoroughly. Although it is appealing to put the jug away after pouring out the contents, just add some water and a few drops of liquid detergent. Put it back on the mixer and turn on the appliance for nearly 30 seconds. Everything remaining on the insides of the jug will be effortlessly removed and a simple wash with water will complete the task.

2. Microwave oven:

Talking about cleaning kitchen appliances, nearly all housewives dislike the microwave oven. Why? Simply because they don’t know how to clean it easily and effortlessly. Put some damp paper towels in it, switch it on for some minutes and watch the magic! The vapours these towels produce will aid in removing the tints and the filth easily. Once the towels cool down, take them out of the oven and utilize them for dabbing the inner walls of the oven for getting rid of all grime. Have a foul smelling oven? Put a mug of water with half a cup of lime juice in it and turn on the oven for some minutes. Keep the mixture in there for additional ten minutes. Voila! Your oven will become odourless.

3. Coffee/Tea pot:

Remember the white exquisite tea/coffee pot you got as a present on last Christmas? As beautiful as it looks while placed on your coffee table, it will soon turn into brownish one unless you regularly clean this pot. Worry not! You only need three things to clean it: ice, salt and lemon. Fill the quarter of the pot with ice, then add some lemon juice and around two tablespoons of salt. Spin the pot enclosing this mixture for a few minutes and then wash it with plain water. That’s it!

4. Trash Can:

This is not essentially the most problematic, but certainly the most spiteful area of kitchen cleaning. The unpleasant smell with tough stains make the cleaning task a herculean one. Not anymore! Just use some ice cubes composed of water with equal parts of vinegar, rub these cubes in the trash can and you are done within a minute!

So, how do you clean your kitchen? Share with me your cleaning stories. I’d love to hear from you.


What Makes Wall Brackets So Popular?

18 Jun

Designed for the expediency of customers, TV Wall Brackets, just like wall mounts, can be fixed to make proficient utilization of space in any area. TV Wall Brackets are the perfect solution to organize one’s domestic entertainment systems and to create a strong visual impact. The core beauty of LCD televisions is their slim line design. Focused Wall Brackets for LCD TVs and wall mounts offer firm support for the LCD and maintains it as flat to the wall as feasible, at the same time, the Wall Brackets for LCD TV stay circumspect. Plasma TV Wall Brackets give robust support to plasma televisions. Plasma TV Wall Brackets can carry the biggest plasma TVs with no difficulty and still remain circumspect. With adaptable side to side movement and universal fitting positions, various TV Wall Brackets are swift and simple to bring together at the same time as providing flexibility of movement.

The most important consideration while installing a television set is to ensure that the screen is placed at the best viewing angle. This is especially necessary for larger families so that everyone can have the best visual experience. Hence, wall mounts and wall brackets are designed in such a way that they are flexible enough to be adjusted to the required angle. A TV wall bracket also keeps the TV set secure and safe by anchoring at one place. However, good quality hinges must be used to prevent any mishap. TV wall brackets and wall mounts also free up some space in the room giving it a tidier and spacious look and also enhance the beauty of the room. They can be easily installed anywhere without any hassle and also come equipped with tool kits for general maintenance. Hence, you do not have to rush to your dealer for maintenance.

An adjustable wall bracket is equipped with some long lasting bolt screws and wall plugs for increased robustness. It comes as three major parts, a back plate and two vertical brackets. There are usually six sets of screws to pick from that ensure that the brackets fit diverse models of televisions. Some wall brackets are fitted by sliding the brackets on from the side. The fact that one can alter a wall bracket’s slope vertically is also very helpful, as it permits trouble-free entrance to plug in all the wires into the TV set.

Some leading wall bracket and wall mount manufacturers are Toshiba, Sharp, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sony, Hitachi, Bush, Pioneer and Philips that design TV Wall Brackets to fit the majority sizes of LCD / Plasma televisions. Atdec’s broad range of wall mounts and wall brackets offers a resourceful solution for every necessity where saving room and viewing flexibility is the answer. In the domestic and business environments, Atdec wall mounts and wall brackets allow monitor or television to be put up in an important place without the requirement for supplementary fittings. Atdec’s variety of Swing Arms, Articulated Arms, and Fixed or Rotating mounting options can hold display screens from 12 inches LCD monitors to 63 inches LCD televisions and plasma televisions.

Exploring the World of Wall Mounts

18 Jun

Liquid-crystal display televisions (LCDs) are television sets that use LCD technology to generate images. LCD televisions are thinner in size and lighter in weight than normal televisions (cathode ray tubes, CRTs) of comparable display size, and are accessible in much bigger sizes. This blend of features made LCDs more realistic than CRTs for scores of roles, and as they decrement the manufacturing costs, they are bound to eventually dominate the television market.

Once you have the perfect wall mount, you will have a much enjoyable experience of watching TV. Wall mounts have to offer us several benefits. Once you start using LCD wall mounts, there is no turning back. You actually start disliking the conventional TV.  Let us see why LCD wall mounts are so popular. Firstly, they save a lot of floor space and are less exposed to dust and dirt. Moreover, since you do not require any other mount or table, it gives a neater and more spacious look to a room. Hence, wall mounts offer a tremendous way of integrating a Plasma TV or LCD TV into a room setting, thereby, acquitting floor space and improving the living space.

Secondly, wall mounts give your room a chic and stylish look. They are quite trendy these days. Their thinner dimensions and lighter weight combined with great designs enhance the aesthetic beauty of a room. They are also equipped with a user tool kit so that the user can easily install these TV sets.

The best part about the LCD wall mounts is that they are available in various shapes and sizes with the purpose of catering to diverse segments. Their wide variety and extensive range of flexibility makes them the top choice of every customer today. Another important advantage of these wall mounts is that they can be installed anywhere without any effect on their functionality and allow greater degree of movement than traditional TV sets.

With the advancement in technology, wall mounts being designed and sold at much affordable price than before. They are quite user friendly as customer can easily adjust the angle of the screen to the best viewing angle. This protects the customers from any strain while watching TV.

The LCD TV wall mounts are very simple and easy to use. They are most suitable for people who avoid complexity. Their installation as well as maintenance is an easy task. Hence, the demand of wall mounts is increasing day by day. Some popular wall mount providers around the globe include Just Projectors, Australia, Focused Technology, USA, Stands and Mounts and Ram Electronics, USA. Nowadays, a variety of these manufacturers are making ceiling mounts that are flush, tilting, modifiable height, adjustable bracket, multi display and corner TV ceiling mounts and are appropriate for approximately any screen size and wall mounts that have flat, tilting and swivel styles, using either a bracket or a shelf like design to maintain the screen secure and robust. Nearly all wall mounts are designed for a neat and tidy, professional finish.

Choosing the Tiles for Your Bathroom

18 Jun

Designing a bathroom is not easy task and requires a lot of creative skills. A perfect design needs perfect detailing. From the sanitary ware to the paint and lighting of the bathroom, everything demands attention. However, we often forget one of the most important parts of a bathroom, the tiles! Nowadays, a wide variety of tiles is available in the market that caters to every class of users. Tiles have a significant role in increasing the beauty and exquisiteness of a bathroom. The following are some of the types of tiles commonly used:

  • Tile flooring

While choosing tile flooring, special consideration must be given to space and in general, the design of the bathroom. A small bathroom can possibly not carry a large, audacious pattern of tile since it will not allow repetition of tiles and may overcrowd the room visually. While small tiles look beautiful in a bathroom, they are less realistic to clean. There are spaces in between tiles that create cracks in which dirt and dust may enter.

When selecting bathroom tiles, it must be made sure that the surface of the tile is not too polished to avoid slipperiness. Since the region is most likely to be affected by water spills, a glossy exterior may present a risk. A tile with a little degree of delicate texture will help to prevent domestic accidents.

  • Countertop tile

Selecting a countertop tile greatly depends on the objects to be placed on the counters and the cleaning process that will be needed. A solid and neutral tile will probably display water spots, powder dusts and other fluid drops than a somewhat textured or decorative tile.

  • Shower and bath tile

Shower and bath tiles should have an even surface as a texture may hold a large amount of moisture and endorse mold development. Although some people opt for monochromatic shower tiles, a patterned tile may also look good here. The type, color and design of the tile should be such that it coordinates with the shower or the bath tub. Otherwise, the bathroom will not look elegant and will wear out earlier.

Guide to Bathroom Design:

A beautiful bathroom design always improves the delight while taking a bath and freshens up the mind totally. Not many people find it necessary to spend money on decorating their bathrooms. The following are some tips to beautify your bathroom even without spending too much money:


  • Lighting of the Bathroom

Lighting in the bathroom must be done properly so that every area of the room is appropriately illuminated. Ideal lighting always boosts the experience of taking a bath and is more soothing. The light fittings must be positioned at appropriate heights and more of reflective lights should be used.

  • Color Schemes

The color schemes chosen for walls, accessories, illuminations and flooring also influence the appearance of the bathroom on the whole. The complimenting hues and attention grabbing tones for the bathroom make the room look vibrant. Often white is chosen as the color scheme as it supports all sorts of accessories and looks equally beautiful with all other color combinations.

  • Hygiene and Aeration

Along with the decor, proper hygiene and aeration are also important while planning a bathroom. Excessive dampness in the bathroom or tainted tubs and showers can spoil the experience of bathing and can also be unsafe for the person using them.

The cabinets and drawers must be properly cleaned. There must be appropriate distance between the cabinets and dividers so that they can be cleaned easily. Glass, marble or ceramic sanitary wares enhance the appearance of the bathroom and are also simple to keep germ-free.

  • Flooring

The flooring for bathroom should always be non greasy and robust to prevent your bathroom from early degradation. The best and affordable options for bathroom tiles are the Marble or tile ones. The bathtub region can be separated from the bathroom by means of chic plastic curtains. Various stainless steel bathroom accessories are also accessible that can easily opt be used to make your room appear more captivating. Correct choice for bathroom accessories can make the bathroom appear remarkable.

Hopefully these tips will help you in effectively designing your bathroom. The bathroom is as important as any other part of the house and therefore, it must not be ignored.

Effective Placement of Showers

18 Jun

Corner showers are shower booths that are built to fit into a corner of the bathroom. The basic design of a corner shower is usually triangular shaped, with the entry to the stand facing into the room. A corner shower is an outstanding way to make the most of the space in a small bathroom or to attach a shower to a larger bathroom while still allowing the bathtub to stay within the space.

While a corner shower is not generally considered one of the more attractive types of showers, there is no doubt that a shower stand of this type is tremendously practical. Motel chains that wish to save space sometimes prefer to go with a corner shower rather than a tub and shower combination that usually must run from one wall to another and may take up a momentous amount of floor space in the small bathroom. Likewise, homeowners who wish to install a second bathroom that is fully purposeful time and again find a corner shower as an ideal solution, since the installation and material costs are considerably lower than installing a tub and shower combination.

A basic corner shower is a simple stand made up of fiberglass. This structure usually comes with holes for plumbing fittings and a drain already in position. Rather than making use of a sliding door, the entry to a corner shower is usually constructed to move back and forth into the room and may be protected with the use of a fastener or a chain of magnets that produce a water resistant seal when the door is closed. Plexiglas or clear fiberglass is frequently used for the door side of the stand, permitting more natural light to enter the corner shower.

In most homes, corner shower setting up is not a complex task. As long as the drain and holes for the plumbing fixtures can be lined up properly, a corner shower can usually be installed in approximately an hour. Corner shower enclosures are available that you can build at certain corners in the bathroom to save space. The corner shower enclosures tell which type of corner to place them best.

Types of Showers:

Various types of corner shower stalls and kits can be bought from most home stores. There are several sizes accessible, making it promising to find a piece that is the correct size for even the smallest of bathrooms. The kits may be required in order to handle slight plumbing issues. Most manufacturers include installation instructions, including a list of materials, along with the packaging for the shower stand. Depending on the design of the shower stall, it is often a matter of sliding the element into place, attaching the fixtures and making sure that the drain is connected properly where the assembled stand touches the structure. However, if there is a need to become accustomed to the plumbing or use some kind of attachment to arrange in a line the stall with an accessible drain, the process can take several supplementary hours.

A shower enclosed space may include a tray, door or a shower tray and door that have aligned or side panels. They are of different types, and include enclosures made of glass, enclosures without a frame and corner shower enclosures. The following are a few types of corner showers:

  • ASB Round Corner Bathroom Showers:

This corner shower enclosure measures 34 inches by 78 inches and is made of the most recent shiny white colored material. It comes with a place to rest your feet and offers three shelves for storing important products. Its material is strong and sturdy and one is able to drain out superfluous water and cover the enclosure with a drain cover when not using it. Its price is reasonable and it is a good option for those who have to utilize a small space.

  • Neo-angle Corner Shower Rod Set Showers:

This corner enclosure has a 45 degree neo angle and it has a width of 36 inches, a length of 72 inches and a height of 36 inches. It also includes a 36 inch ceiling that you can alter and weighs 8 pounds. Its outer surface is made of chrome. It is appropriate if you have a Jacuzzi or a corner bathtub.

  • Linea Aqua Isabella Steam Showers:

This one can install at a right corner side only and has a length of 44 inches, a width of 32 and a height of 84 inches. This corner enclosure contains exceptional features that include an adaptable body spray from 6 sides, a foot massage from the foot scrub system and a hand shower made of acrylic. The others include a feature to control steam temperature and amount by electronic means.