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To be chivalrous or not to be…

23 Apr

A conversation with one of my old friends has urged me to come up with this post. We started out on a pretty humourous note but ended up in a conflict. She joked to me that if you see a man opening the door of his car for his wife then either the wife is new or the car. It was a pretty funny statement to which I randomly replied that chivalry is almost dead these days so it must be true. She asked me if I wanted my man to open the door for me or offer me a seat and I replied in affirmative. She was rather amazed and commented how she thought I was a strong, independent woman with a firm sense of equality. I was quite taken a back by her idea of independence and equality. This actually got me thinking how badly chivalry is mixed up with anti-feminism and the notion of women playing the role of damsels in distress. I mean, if I expect a man to open the door for me then this, for me, is a polite gesture and has nothing to do with my sense of equality. And, I’d be more than happy to return the favour some other day. When women, in general, claim that they prefer chivalrous men then they just want to enjoy some special treatment. We do not expect every man to be this polite but at least there is no harm in wanting the men in our lives to be courteous. After all, only a prince can treat his woman like a princess. Sadly, chivalry is fading out so quickly that it is often confused with flirting today. What is your take on this matter? Don’t forget to drop your views in the comment section below.

Being married

22 Oct

Getting married was one of the best decisions of my life (touch wood). I’m truly blessed to have found a friend, guide and a true soulmate in my husband. He is exactly the kind of a man I always needed. Somebody as sober as me but with a completely wacky side as well. Together we are unstoppable. He’s always been very supportive and above all, he values my opinions. He’s more of a friend than a lover. This doesn’t mean that ours is a perfect marriage. Of course we have our fair share of disagreements but our marriage is perfect for US.

After spending a year as a married woman I’ve concluded that most of the marriages today fail not due to lack of love but due to lack of tolerance. Sometimes it is better to stay silent and let things go then to hold grudges and strain your relationship. Impatience and intolerance are two of the greatest factors that can sabotage any marriage. One must have a bigger heart and forgiving nature to have a successful marriage. Being married to somebody is a full-time job with no holidays but, trust me, it can have a lot of perks. The only condition is to stay honest and dedicated. Getting married is easy and so is staying married. What is difficult is to stay ‘happily’ married. I have discovered my secrets to a happy marriage. They are simple yet very effective. Love, mutual respect, understanding, care, trust and unbarred communication. What are your secrets? πŸ™‚

Thought of the day

26 Aug


I was just roaming around on Facebook and this image popped up on my homepage. Actually a friend shared it on his timeline. I was mesmerized by these words of Jaun Elia, a famous Urdu poet. I thought I should share it on my blog as I can totally relate with it. It means, “I’ve stopped getting impressed with people as they are not what they appear to be.” What do you think about it? Don’t forget to share with me! πŸ™‚

Thought of the day

25 Aug

Sometimes even when you know the truth, you stay quiet to prevent things from falling apart. This is not a sign of weakness but of great strength. Every moment kills you from the inside but you face the world with a smile. Now this is what I call bravery!



22 Aug