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Cheers to womanpower, cheers to womanhood!

20 Jul


For centuries women have been portrayed as feeble creatures who fall victim to gender discrimination, oppression and domestic violence. It is very strongly believed that a woman cannot survive alone in today’s world without a man’s support, especially in my part of the world. Pick up any fairy tale and you’ll find the girl waiting for her prince charming to put an end to her misery. These are the kinds of ideas we instill in the minds of our daughters. Sadly, women have been always projected as objects of sexual gratification. Some show-pieces that are sent to this world simply for beautification purposes. I am neither a hard-core feminist nor an anti-feminist. In fact, I am a realist who firmly believes that our modern woman is smart, intelligent, sharp, witty, and strong enough to fight for herself. She’s accessorised with oodles of confidence and armed with the weapons of education, worldly experience and sanity. She can take her own decisions and can also bear the consequences.


We, as women, are no longer damsels-in-distress who secretly wish to be rescued by knights in shining armours. Nor are we much financially dependent on others to feed us and our families. In fact, we don’t even demand equality for we don’t wish to be compared. We do realize that men and women are from separate planets. They are as different as chalk and cheese but still need to co-exist. We do not deny the importance of men in our lives and appreciate their contribution. We only demand respect. Respect for our opinions, our voices, our emotions, our decisions, our choices, our struggles and above all, our own self. Is this too much to ask for? Especially after we dedicate our entire life to nurturing your needs, turning your houses into homes and raising your families?


A problem itself is not a problem unless you choose to suffer. Oppressor will keep oppressing till you revolt. Nobody is, in fact, nobody should speak up for you. It’s your life so YOU should rise up for it. Stop worrying about what people would say. They’d even talk behind your back when you just sit around and do nothing. At least give them a reason to gabble on about. Learn to say no and stop accepting things the way we accept Terms & Conditions on various websites. Life is neither a mere formality nor comes with a go-back button. Say what you have in your mind and don’t be afraid of criticism. Let people throw bricks at you. Pick them up and construct your future. You are a strong woman and I know that you can do it. Please don’t disappoint me. More power to you!

Cheers to womanpower! Cheers to womanhood! πŸ™‚

“Education first”-Malala Yousufzai

13 Jul


This post is inspired by the visionary speech of the daughter of Pakistan, Malala Yousufzai, a women’s rights activist and promoter of world-wide education. Who thought that such an innocent looking young girl could be so brave and confident? Her recent speech at the UN assembly has made me really proud of her. Her every word shouted optimism and confidence to me. Her passion for world peace, equality and provision of free education to every child is beyond impressive. At such a young age, girls are normally more focused on themselves. They enjoy a carefree life with friends and family. But Malala’s life has been very different and difficult. Hailing from Swat valley, a not-so-developed yet beautiful part of Pakistan, she fell victim to the terrorists who have forcefully occupied this part of the country and are working for their own personal benefits in the name of Islam. They are indeed portraying a very negative image of Islam and the Muslims. Just as children demand for toys, Malala had only one wish; to acquire education. Not just for herself but also for her friends and for every child present on this planet. She rightly said in her speech that terrorists are scared of little girls with books because they do not understand the importance of education. They fear that if young people start acquiring education they’ll no longer fall prey to their self-created religious ideas and extremism and would stand up for their rights. Just like what Malala did. So they tried to silence her but they failed miserably because Malala is right and Allah (God) protects those who follow the right path. There are some people who have doubts about Malala’s story and her struggle. They think her every move is fabricated. I don’t know how right or wrong they are. I personally do not know Malala and have never met her or talked to her to know the real story. I have got an insight to her journey through media just like everyone else. No matter what others say about Malala I just believe in her passion for education. I do believe that pen is mightier than the sword and that education is the only way to eradicate ignorance and intolerance and to make this world a better place to live. Education before all!

Tips for greater security at social networking websites

28 Jun

A lot of our youngsters are nowadays actively engaged in social networking and online chatting. These websites, undoubtedly, provide ample opportunities to socialize without leaving the comforts of your home. However, security is one of the major concerns when it comes to making friends online. We keep hearing about incidents where users are subjected to security issues either because of the inefficient privacy policy of the social networking companies, user negligence or both. Now the question arises: How can we protect ourselves while having friendly conversations online? Here are a few tips which will help you stay secure online.

1. Never give your personal details like contact information, employment or residential address etc to your online friendsΒ Β  unless you know them personally.

2. Avoid meeting the Ian Somerhalder/ Mila Kunis (two of the most popular choices for a display picture) you’ve met recently online. If unavoidable, make sure the meeting place is crowded such as a restaurant, shopping mall or cafe. Don’t forget to take someone with you.

3. Never trust your online friends 100%. Chances are that they are lying about themselves. And they might not be as good looking as their display picture!

4. Never never never give your CNIC number, bank account information, credit card details or any such details online. I’m sure your ‘new’ friend ain’t going to transfer money to your account, right? So why take the risk? πŸ™‚

5. Be prepared for disappointments. Don’t expect too much. Your supposedly-best-online-buddy might be fake!

I hope these tips will make your already enjoyable online socializing experience much secure. Don’t forget to add your tips to the list and I’d love to hear your online experiences. Till then, happy chatting! πŸ™‚