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Plump Up Your Pout Without A Lip Job

13 Mar

What is the first thing you notice when you look at Angelina Jolie’s or Kylie Jenner’s face? Their plump pout, right? Bee stung lips have become a rage over the past few years and with this trend, lip liners have got back into the limelight. Unlike the 1980s and 1990s, lip liner is no longer about complementary colors. In fact, it is more about contouring – to produce the delusion of plumpness.



Of course, another way to get plumper lips is to get a lip job. Yep, the good ol’ lip job that turned several good-looking celebs into walking nightmares. With all the money to turn you into a monster, none would want to go over there. There’s another way; you can also use lip plumping devices. As far as the results are concerned, they’re not guaranteed to give you those perfect Kylie lips. Risk it or leave it! However, we all know that as strange as it sounds, the lip liner tricks have been the old school of the vanity fair all along. Even Marilyn Monroe used lip liner hacks to top the beauty standards across the globe. So, what do you say?

Slay The World With These Tricks

Want to flaunt a fuller, more defined pout? Here’s how you can plump up your lips with as little exertion (and cost!) as possible:

  1. Moisturizing The Lips



No matter what you believe, you can’t deny the sexiness of smooth, moisturized lips. You’d be surprised to see how plump your lips will look if you apply a hydrating layer before anything else. Look for a lip balm that includes a substantial amount of peppermint oil. It helps in improving circulation naturally, thereby, allowing increased blood flow to your pout. Let your favorite moisturizer or lip balm sit for about 5 minutes so all the dead cells can easily be removed.

  1. Exfoliating For a Better Pout



Now it’s turn to exfoliate your lips. You can use a toothbrush or a lemon-sugar combo to scrub your lips gently. Toothbrush works by slightly irritating your lips, which makes them swell and appear more defined. Therefore, choose a toothbrush with softer bristles to avoid serious irritation.

Scrubbing in circular motions will allow increased blood flow and will make your lips apparently look slightly plumper than before. By the way, Angelina Jolie is rumored to be using toothbrush to scrub her lips every morning. So, you can’t get wrong with this trick!

  1. Conceal, Don’t Reveal Those Lips



For a smoother lip color application, you need to make sure there’s a base beneath it. You can make your lips brighter by using a foundation or a concealer base. It gives you the upper hand to add layers to highlight your preferred pout.

Adding a base will not only give your lipstick a slicker texture, but also help you maintain your plump look all through the day.

  1. Over- and Under-line



Make sure you use a lip liner that’s a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. Drawing your desired shape, start from your cupids bow and taper down to your natural lip line. Don’t forget to under-line a little lower than your lower lip to make it appear bigger.

Using a lip liner that is slightly darker than your natural lip color will create the overall appearance of your lips more genuine and gorgeous.

  1. Fill The Lip Space and Contour



Once you’ve made as far as forming a pouty lip line, you can fill the inner lip space with the same shade with which you drew the outline. It will make your new lip line appear more natural. Moreover, you can always contour to add some drama to your nice pout.

  1. Top it off with Layers of Lipstick and Gloss

If you want to get bigger lips, avoid using darker shades and opt for lighter colors. Dark shades tend to make your pout look flat. Use pale pinks or nude shades to create the illusion of plumper lips.

Add a clear gloss on top of your lipstick for a more defined look. Lip gloss tends to reflect light and makes your lips appear fuller. So, the next time, dab your beloved gloss on the center of your lips for a highlighting impact.

In Conclusion…

Apart from these tips, there are many others you can use to make your lips appear fuller. Just because you haven’t got a pout, doesn’t mean you can’t make one. So, go ahead and rock the world – obviously without having lip injections!


Mastering the Art of Eyeliner

8 Mar

Ladies all over the world are always willing to experiment with a new makeup look. No matter how much makeup you apply, the overall look still appears to be incomplete without a sharp, neat eyeliner. Read on to find out how to step up your eyeliner game in a matter of minutes.


Eyeliner is one of the most essential yet tricky part of any makeover. Each day makeup artists and enthusiasts are coming up with new techniques of applying eyeliner. Classic, Arabic, Cat Eye, Double Liner, Winged, Open Wings…even the names are enough to panic someone who doesn’t even know how to draw a straight line!

Ways to Get Selfie-Ready Liner Instantly

If you are one of those who have always been apprehensive about eyeliner and struggled to get the flawless wing, here are a few tips on how to master the art of eyeliners:

  1. Choose the right type of Eyeliner:

There are basically three types of eyeliners; Pencil, Gel and Liquid.

  • Pencil eyeliners are simple to apply, however, at times they do not glide on as effortlessly or densely as the other two types.
  • Gel eyeliners are more popular among makeup artists as they are matte and spread easily. However, using them can be a bit tricky for a novice as they have to be applied with the help of a brush.
  • Liquid eyeliners are famous for their accuracy, and typically come in two packages: a small bottle with a tiny brush, or pen-shaped with a brush tip. They normally take some time to dry completely after application.

It is important to choose the right type of eyeliner depending on your makeup look and the level of expertise. If you are a newbie, it is advisable to start off with a pencil eyeliner as it is easier to handle.

  1. Choose the right color:

Eyeliners come in a variety of colors and every color has a different impact on your overall makeup look. For instance, black liner looks striking and bold while brown liner is more suitable for smoky and subtle looks. If you have narrow eyes, use a white liner on the lower waterline to make them appear big. You may also use a glittery eyeliner to add head-turning sparkle to your eyes.

  1. Use the correct posture:

If your hands get shaky when applying a liner, it is better to sit down and rest your elbow on a uniform surface. Now place your little finger on the cheek to control the jerks. Basically, you have to stabilize yourself as much as you can to avoid shaky blunders.

  1. Use a string:

Want perfectly winged eyes in seconds? Try using a string as suggested by Sri Lankan-based beauty blogger, Rochelle Wick. Paint eyeliner on a simple string (or dental floss) and put it at your outer eye corner in an upwards direction. Next, print another line in a little downward direction. Fill liner in between both the lines using any liquid liner. Voila! You have nailed the look!

  1. Start with dots or dashes:

This tip is ideal for those who are new at using liquid eyeliner. Start off with applying dots or dashes along your lash line. Next, just connect those dots/dashes using the liner one by one or in a single go, whichever is easy for you.

  1. Fix smudges:

Once you have put on the liner, clean any mess with the help of petroleum jelly applied on a cotton bud. Don’t have petroleum jelly? No worries! Use your clear lip gloss. You can also fix the smudge using a dab of concealer or primer.


Choosing the ‘Right’ Eyeliner

There are so many eyeliners available in the market and each one claims to be better than the rest. Wondering which one to choose? Here’s a little comparison of some of the most popular liners to help you pick the right one for you:

This liner has a fine tip (0.4mm) and actually works like a pen which makes it very easy to use. To get the perfect eyeliner, start from your inner eye corner and slowly glide it on to make it heavier at the outer corner. This liner is strongly pigmented, hence, it does not fade away quickly. It was the winner of Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2013. While it is a pocket-friendly product ($7.99), it doesn’t seem to be water-resistant which can be challenging for women with watery eyes.

M.A.C is famous for its finest quality cosmetics and this Fluidline liner is no exception. It is an ultra-smooth gel liner that delivers the meticulousness of a liquid eyeliner with a glossier, smoother texture. If you are looking for a long-lasting, water-resistant and smudge-free liner, then investing in M.A.C Fluidline is a wise decision. The only issue is that you’ll get just the 3gms gel pot and no brush for $17.5!

If you are looking for a vegan product, this eye pencil by Urban Decay will become your go-to eyeliner. This eye pencil is an ultra-velvety, rich form of UD’s creamy, water-resistant 24/7 pencils and is more suitable for creating smoky, rimmed eyes. Enriched with Jojoba oil, this $20 worth of formula is easy to apply and stays on for long without smudging. However, many users feel that the product is so velvety that it needs to be sharpened carefully to maintain the fine tip.

The fact that this product is the winner of Allure Best of Beauty Award thrice speaks volumes about its quality. It is a richly pigmented gel liner that lasts for as long as 12 hours and offers hassle-free accuracy of a liquid eyeliner. The only drawback is that it’s costly, however, its 3gms of super-fine quality is worth the price tag of $27.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional makeup artist, this waterproof eyeliner by Stila has a fine pen-like tip that offers accurate application for everyone. It has rich pigmentation that doesn’t smudge easily. The formula is such that it spreads smoothly, and dries swiftly. On the downside, only 0.016 oz formula comes for $22 and it dries out quickly.

Final Thoughts

Eyeliners are an excellent way to add a delicate definition to your eyes. While it seems to be a tricky makeup technique for some, applying an eyeliner correctly is no rocket science. All you need is the right product and lots and lots of practice.



Raising the little Einstein: How to make your child love science

13 Dec

Are you a parent whose kids are always up to something? Are you tired of their countless questions? Is it nearly impossible to make them sit still? Well, this blog is for you!

We all know how kids are always fascinated about learning new things. Their tiny minds work round the clock and they love to be challenged. Kids of every age are naturally inquisitive and absorb new information through hands-on participation. One of the best ways of making them learn is to involve all of their five senses in the activity. Therefore, it is necessary to plan instructions around stuff that kids can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Nothing can be better than familiarizing these inquisitive thinkers with science at a young age! Sadly, in our part of the world, science education is more focused on reading piles and piles of books which can overburden even an adult. This is one of the reasons why only a small number of our students study science with their personal interest. A large section still chooses science over other disciplines due to parental/societal pressure.

Schoolchildren mixing liquids Free Photo


Here are five ways you can encourage your child to love science:

  1. Support them overcome fright

Science education can be overwhelming for a young mind. Therefore, it is vital to take the science-phobia out of a child before he is involved into any science activity. What you have to do is to teach your little champ that science is not all about data, measurements, abundant equations and experimentation. It’s not restricted to limitless reading and writing. In fact, it’s an exciting way to discover the world around you.

  1. Plan experiments at home

Expedite your child’s learning by practically involving him in an activity. There are countless scientific experiments you can enjoy together within your own home. Consequently, your kid will learn how simple and pleasurable science is by using simple resources and items lying in the home.

  1. Make reading sessions exciting

While mobile apps are a rage everywhere, science books still remain to be an imaginative source for both knowledge and fun. Several science books can enlighten your kid with scientific concepts and projects through enjoyable, easy to remember, and attractive content. Do not restrict your reading sessions to the course books only. You’ll find heaps of other colourful science books over the internet. Order them today and enjoy a stimulating weekend ahead with your little Einstein!

  1. Learn in the open air

Your kid might be doing lots of science experiments in the school laboratory but it’s just not enough to bring out his love for the subject. It is better to take him out in the open once in a while to diversify his outlook.

For example, plan an excursion to the zoo or visit a garden near your home and make him observe different plant species. This will allow your kid to experience the real-world side of science in a stimulating environment. Additionally, communication with fellow little geniuses will make him absorb faster and converse efficiently.

  1. Play computer games with them

Is your kid a game freak? Can he stare at the computer screen for hours without even drinking, eating or snoozing? If yes, you should use computer games and simulations to make him discover science. These games can brilliantly enhance his learning process and make him comprehend scientific ideas and abilities.

Final Word

Many of the activities mentioned above are inexpensive and require no special tools. Your kid might be scoring well in the science course but are you sure he’s actually learning? Get involved with him to explore science in an entertaining way and he’ll sooner or later fall in love with it.

E-mail Etiquette Every Professional Should Know

31 Jul

There is no denying the fact that communication is power and the best companies in the world are those which convey information intelligently. In the digital world, everything is communicated through e-mails and it is very important for an individual to be aware of e-mail etiquette so as to excel in the corporate world.

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An effective interaction via e-mails not only creates a good impression of the sender, but it also reflects a positive image of his/her organization. The best rule of writing an effective e-mail is to keep it precise and articulate. Objective should be clearly defined in the subject line and the choice of words should be such that the real purpose is communicated effectively.

Here are some important e-mail etiquette that every professional should remember:

  1. Always start your e-mail with right salutation. In case you know the name of the recipient, always remember to use their correct name in the e-mail.
  2. Choose the e-mail subject properly so that the recipient gets an idea of what it is about before delving into the detailed email conversation. If an e-mail requires urgent action or response; highlight it in the subject as ‘URGENT’. You may also set the e-mail priority to ‘High importance’ if you use MS Outlook.
  3. Draft your e-mail in a precise manner. Always remember that less is more when drafting an official e-mail. Clearly define your objective and keep it professional. It is better to use simple words than to adopt fancy terms that you are not much familiar with.
  4. Avoid unnecessarily using capital letters in your e-mail as it reflects unprofessional attitude and might annoy the reader. Make use of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation and avoid emoticons.
  5. Use clear background instead of patterned backgrounds. It is essential to use one professional font and color and avoid using multiple colors in your email draft. Highlight important points in your email, if required, to grab the reader’s attention.
  6. Use official e-mail signature template in your e-mail with proper name; mentioning your designation in the organization as well as the department. Include company website hyperlink, contact numbers with your dial-in extension numbers so that the reader can get in touch with you if he wishes to reach you on phone.
  7. Another key point in e-mail etiquette is to address the right person. One should be particular about deciding who will see the e-mail (main recipient) and who will get only a copy (using CC and BCC).
  8. Once your e-mail draft is ready, proofread it thoroughly before sending it to the addressee.
  9. Do not forget to enable ‘Out of office assistant’ if you are travelling or are on vacation. Leave your emergency contact number and contact details of any colleague or sub-ordinate in ‘Out of office assistant’ message reply.
  10. Before sending, read your e-mail out loud to ensure that you do not sound arduous. Even if you have to convey something negative, use a polite tone.

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Tired of the Rat Race? Here’s Your Route to Escape

23 Jan

“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

-Lily Tomlin

You know a person is normal when you see them with neatly combed hair, their 40ft cubicle, and that 9 to 5 desk job. For normal people like those, rate race isn’t an option; it’s a way of life. It’s their modus operandi.

The rat race tires the young blood to death, which is due to their itch for adventure, curiosity, and danger.

However, if you want to escape that rat race everyone’s been running in, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and take the steps you fear most. Oh yes, you’ll need to face the music by being the weird, wild, and free!

Related image

4 Ways to Escape the Rat Race

Psst… here are a few ways you can escape the rat race and still feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • Forget about the Luxury; it’s time to Live Young – if you want to live young and free, you’d have to cut back on your expenses to the extent that only your necessities become your priorities. All you have to do is sacrifice your luxuries, choose simplicity, and save the cash for rainy days.
  • Make Money-Making Possible – Anywhere, Anytime – ok, this might seem impossible, but it’s true that you can make money without having to get up early and show up for an interview. Yes, its easy money and you can live off on that (only if you’re wired enough to understand that!)
  • Timeout Espionagethe problem with the rat race is that you just become habitual to the 9 to 5 and don’t want to work outside because you think you’ve had enough for the day. Let me tell you something, if you’re going to escape the rat race, this would be your chance to choose your working hours and give yourself some quality time as well. It’s weird, it’s unconventional, but it works!
  • Learn to Create Value – you need to add value to your life and adopt a mindset for value-creation. It’s your only possible way to survive once you escape the rat race. Provide the best quality to the people you’re working with and keep improving on that.

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If you’re someone wanting to escape the rat race, just know that you must have a guiding purpose behind your choice. Normal people just spend a lifetime in the rat race; make sure you’re weird enough to live free and celebrate every moment of your life.