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Clean your Kitchen Appliances like a pro!

11 Mar

rear view of woman with yellow gloves in kitchen doing housework

What’s the toughest part to clean in your home? Especially after a big fat party is over? The kitchen, right? Well, it appears to be the most challenging area to clean from the whole household. Ladies would rather prefer dusting the furniture for hours over cleaning the kitchen appliances. For working women, a convenient option is to hire professional cleaners.


Nevertheless, here are few tips for cleaning your kitchen appliances within no time, without substantial exertion and even without spending cash on costly scrubbing products.

1. Blender:

Nearly every house has a blender now. Especially if your family loves to consume healthy and fresh juices and foods. While it makes your life easier with some quick blending and mixing, it is a quite tough task to clean it thoroughly. Although it is appealing to put the jug away after pouring out the contents, just add some water and a few drops of liquid detergent. Put it back on the mixer and turn on the appliance for nearly 30 seconds. Everything remaining on the insides of the jug will be effortlessly removed and a simple wash with water will complete the task.

2. Microwave oven:

Talking about cleaning kitchen appliances, nearly all housewives dislike the microwave oven. Why? Simply because they don’t know how to clean it easily and effortlessly. Put some damp paper towels in it, switch it on for some minutes and watch the magic! The vapours these towels produce will aid in removing the tints and the filth easily. Once the towels cool down, take them out of the oven and utilize them for dabbing the inner walls of the oven for getting rid of all grime. Have a foul smelling oven? Put a mug of water with half a cup of lime juice in it and turn on the oven for some minutes. Keep the mixture in there for additional ten minutes. Voila! Your oven will become odourless.

3. Coffee/Tea pot:

Remember the white exquisite tea/coffee pot you got as a present on last Christmas? As beautiful as it looks while placed on your coffee table, it will soon turn into brownish one unless you regularly clean this pot. Worry not! You only need three things to clean it: ice, salt and lemon. Fill the quarter of the pot with ice, then add some lemon juice and around two tablespoons of salt. Spin the pot enclosing this mixture for a few minutes and then wash it with plain water. That’s it!

4. Trash Can:

This is not essentially the most problematic, but certainly the most spiteful area of kitchen cleaning. The unpleasant smell with tough stains make the cleaning task a herculean one. Not anymore! Just use some ice cubes composed of water with equal parts of vinegar, rub these cubes in the trash can and you are done within a minute!

So, how do you clean your kitchen? Share with me your cleaning stories. I’d love to hear from you.



Being married

22 Oct

Getting married was one of the best decisions of my life (touch wood). I’m truly blessed to have found a friend, guide and a true soulmate in my husband. He is exactly the kind of a man I always needed. Somebody as sober as me but with a completely wacky side as well. Together we are unstoppable. He’s always been very supportive and above all, he values my opinions. He’s more of a friend than a lover. This doesn’t mean that ours is a perfect marriage. Of course we have our fair share of disagreements but our marriage is perfect for US.

After spending a year as a married woman I’ve concluded that most of the marriages today fail not due to lack of love but due to lack of tolerance. Sometimes it is better to stay silent and let things go then to hold grudges and strain your relationship. Impatience and intolerance are two of the greatest factors that can sabotage any marriage. One must have a bigger heart and forgiving nature to have a successful marriage. Being married to somebody is a full-time job with no holidays but, trust me, it can have a lot of perks. The only condition is to stay honest and dedicated. Getting married is easy and so is staying married. What is difficult is to stay ‘happily’ married. I have discovered my secrets to a happy marriage. They are simple yet very effective. Love, mutual respect, understanding, care, trust and unbarred communication. What are your secrets? 🙂