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Raising the little Einstein: How to make your child love science

13 Dec

Are you a parent whose kids are always up to something? Are you tired of their countless questions? Is it nearly impossible to make them sit still? Well, this blog is for you!

We all know how kids are always fascinated about learning new things. Their tiny minds work round the clock and they love to be challenged. Kids of every age are naturally inquisitive and absorb new information through hands-on participation. One of the best ways of making them learn is to involve all of their five senses in the activity. Therefore, it is necessary to plan instructions around stuff that kids can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Nothing can be better than familiarizing these inquisitive thinkers with science at a young age! Sadly, in our part of the world, science education is more focused on reading piles and piles of books which can overburden even an adult. This is one of the reasons why only a small number of our students study science with their personal interest. A large section still chooses science over other disciplines due to parental/societal pressure.

Schoolchildren mixing liquids Free Photo


Here are five ways you can encourage your child to love science:

  1. Support them overcome fright

Science education can be overwhelming for a young mind. Therefore, it is vital to take the science-phobia out of a child before he is involved into any science activity. What you have to do is to teach your little champ that science is not all about data, measurements, abundant equations and experimentation. It’s not restricted to limitless reading and writing. In fact, it’s an exciting way to discover the world around you.

  1. Plan experiments at home

Expedite your child’s learning by practically involving him in an activity. There are countless scientific experiments you can enjoy together within your own home. Consequently, your kid will learn how simple and pleasurable science is by using simple resources and items lying in the home.

  1. Make reading sessions exciting

While mobile apps are a rage everywhere, science books still remain to be an imaginative source for both knowledge and fun. Several science books can enlighten your kid with scientific concepts and projects through enjoyable, easy to remember, and attractive content. Do not restrict your reading sessions to the course books only. You’ll find heaps of other colourful science books over the internet. Order them today and enjoy a stimulating weekend ahead with your little Einstein!

  1. Learn in the open air

Your kid might be doing lots of science experiments in the school laboratory but it’s just not enough to bring out his love for the subject. It is better to take him out in the open once in a while to diversify his outlook.

For example, plan an excursion to the zoo or visit a garden near your home and make him observe different plant species. This will allow your kid to experience the real-world side of science in a stimulating environment. Additionally, communication with fellow little geniuses will make him absorb faster and converse efficiently.

  1. Play computer games with them

Is your kid a game freak? Can he stare at the computer screen for hours without even drinking, eating or snoozing? If yes, you should use computer games and simulations to make him discover science. These games can brilliantly enhance his learning process and make him comprehend scientific ideas and abilities.

Final Word

Many of the activities mentioned above are inexpensive and require no special tools. Your kid might be scoring well in the science course but are you sure he’s actually learning? Get involved with him to explore science in an entertaining way and he’ll sooner or later fall in love with it.

“Education first”-Malala Yousufzai

13 Jul


This post is inspired by the visionary speech of the daughter of Pakistan, Malala Yousufzai, a women’s rights activist and promoter of world-wide education. Who thought that such an innocent looking young girl could be so brave and confident? Her recent speech at the UN assembly has made me really proud of her. Her every word shouted optimism and confidence to me. Her passion for world peace, equality and provision of free education to every child is beyond impressive. At such a young age, girls are normally more focused on themselves. They enjoy a carefree life with friends and family. But Malala’s life has been very different and difficult. Hailing from Swat valley, a not-so-developed yet beautiful part of Pakistan, she fell victim to the terrorists who have forcefully occupied this part of the country and are working for their own personal benefits in the name of Islam. They are indeed portraying a very negative image of Islam and the Muslims. Just as children demand for toys, Malala had only one wish; to acquire education. Not just for herself but also for her friends and for every child present on this planet. She rightly said in her speech that terrorists are scared of little girls with books because they do not understand the importance of education. They fear that if young people start acquiring education they’ll no longer fall prey to their self-created religious ideas and extremism and would stand up for their rights. Just like what Malala did. So they tried to silence her but they failed miserably because Malala is right and Allah (God) protects those who follow the right path. There are some people who have doubts about Malala’s story and her struggle. They think her every move is fabricated. I don’t know how right or wrong they are. I personally do not know Malala and have never met her or talked to her to know the real story. I have got an insight to her journey through media just like everyone else. No matter what others say about Malala I just believe in her passion for education. I do believe that pen is mightier than the sword and that education is the only way to eradicate ignorance and intolerance and to make this world a better place to live. Education before all!


18 Jun

All mothers, in particular, single mothers dedicate their entire lives in feeding and educating their children. At times they even sacrifice their desires and comforts for their kids. Once a woman leaves education to get married and then raise her children, it becomes very difficult for her to go back and continue with what she had left a few years ago. Sometimes, even though she is ready to start the learning process again, her financial situation does not allow her to continue her education. Today various educational institutes allow such single mothers to get grants and fulfill their dreams. These grants help in reducing the burden from the shoulders of single mothers who are already worried about the education of their children. The most excellent thing about these grants is that they are free from any liability. Unlike most scholarships and loans, the recipient does not have to return the money. In fact, she does not need any exceptionally well educational background to get grant. All a single mother has to do is to apply for a grant and prove herself needy. Different grants offer different amount of money depending upon the educational expense of the recipient. However, if the single mother had a brilliant academic history, she may be awarded some extra funds. There are several grants that target any particular area of specialization.

A single mother can also get grants that are provided by the government to support her education. Every government allocates a small amount of finance for these grants and mostly the grants are classified on the basis of locality. The application procedure in conjunction with the quantity of the awards can also vary from one state to another. Information about these grants and the eligibility criteria can be obtained from the university help desk, library or even on the official website of the institution.


18 Jun

When students finish their college and enter into some university, nothing can be compared to the feeling of joy and contentment. They live in the world of aspirations and imagination but soon they come face to face with the harsh realities of life, such as, tuition fees, books, rent, food, and other expenditure. Fortunately, nowadays many universities, colleges, some industries or companies and even the government provide opportunity to the university students to get grants. The best thing about these grants is that they are free from any liability. Unlike scholarships and loans, the university student is not required to return the money. In fact, he does not have to perform any exceptional task to deserve it. All a student has to do to get grant is to simply apply for it. However, many administrative departments at various universities need a solid reason to issue grant to a student. Every educational institute has a criterion which determines the eligibility of a student to get grant. This facility is mostly provided to students who have a weak financial background, who exist in unconditional circumstances, who belong to minorities, who are older than other students, who are members of forces like army and those who desire to become teachers or instructors themselves.

For a student to get grant, he must follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Ensure that his school is recognized by an authorizing organization
  • Keep the financial documents (such as pay slips, bank receipts etc) ready. In order to get a grant, a student is required to prove that he and his family are going through financial crisis
  • Read all terms and conditions very carefully before applying for any grant.
  • Keep a track of application deadlines.
  • Never ever lie about anything. On purpose incorrect statements can bring to you a lot of legal problems.