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Product Review: Parachute Weak Hair Repair Oil

27 Apr


This is one product I had to review to facilitate people suffering from hair loss and damaged hair, especially new mommies who fall victim to postpartum hair loss. Multiple dyeing attempts and pregnancy wreaked havoc on my, otherwise, healthy hair. They went from long, lustrous locks to weak, damaged strands with lots of split ends. I absolutely lost all hope to regain healthy and shiny hair until I saw this product at a supermarket a few weeks back. It is a special hair oil recipe that uses 100 % natural oils and herb extracts to restore the internal structure of hair and to strengthen weak and thin hair.

These natural oils include:

  1. Coconut Oil: For deep penetration to guarantee nourishment to 100% of all hair
  2. Castor Oil: Forms a protective layer around each hair strand for increased hair volume and thickness
  3. Black Seed: Provides nourishment and health to weak hair
  4. Sedr Plant: Restores hair health through vitamins and minerals

My Verdict:

It works! Yes, you read it right. It does work to strengthen hair and reduce hair fall up to 80%. You’ll observe smooth, non-frizzy and voluminous hair even after first use. The smell is pleasant and the formulation is non-greasy, unlike other oils. The only turn-off for me is that it doesn’t wash off completely after one wash but since it is not greasy and doesn’t smell bad so this is not much of a problem. Also, it is not expensive at all. I’d give it 4 stars out of 5.

This product works for me and is now a significant part of my hair care routine. How do you keep your hair healthy? Don’t forget to give in your two cents.