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Product Review: CHI Silk Infusion

15 Jan

Pampering your hair is just as crucial as your skin care routine. In this era of cut throat competition, a person is wide-open to distress and tension which can make your hair look dull and unhealthy. All of us wish for silky, shiny and beautiful hair and having gorgeous hair adds up a spark in your personality.

We all despise the idea of rough, dry, damaged hair. Hence, for this, proper hair care routine is a must.

There are various products which work as a nourishment agent to your hair. One exceptional choice for hair repair is CHI Silk Infusion. It claims to make your hair silky and is equally beneficial for men and women.



It comes in a plastic bottle with a cap. Famous for its shiny effect, it works best for straight hair. It readily gives the glossy and soft result. The price of the product is $45 at Amazon. It promises to protect your hair from the harmful effects of heating. It is an alcohol free product with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 at Amazon.

Performance and Quality

CHI Silk Infusion contains wheat and soy proteins which guarantee a pure silky effect to your hair. We love to style our hair daily, some days it’s going to be a straight hairstyle, the other days we prefer the curly look.

All the cheesy hair styling demands heating, which keeps it set all day. CHI silk infusion’s reconstructing complex protects your hair from heat. It became my instant favorite product to pamper my hair and gives a smooth soft look to my hair.


In terms of application, it is pretty straight forward to use. The product is to be applied in washed, untangled hair. Take out a little product in your palms and evenly apply in your hair starting from roots. Cover all the hair with the product.

It doesn’t mandate you to wash your hair after applying the product. It also works as a heat protector so you can straighten or blow dry your hair after applying CHI Silk Infusion without worrying about damaging your hair.


  • It gives luster to your hair.
  • Provides strength and shine to hair, fairly easy to use.


  • It has a strong fragrance, a few people might not prefer it. Nevertheless, I love its smell.




Facts You Should Know Before Going for a Hair Transplant

9 Jan

Hair is considered to be the most crucial aspect of one’s charismatic personality and balding can be a major turn off for most people.

Hair loss may cause low self-esteem and damage your confidence. Even though hair loss is genetic but in this era of intensive antagonism, a person is subjected to high level of stress which subsidizes the loss of hair even more rapidly.

Hair transplant seems to have negligible probability of risk. It promises to solve the agony of numerous individuals and grant them back their alluring appearance.


However, before opting for the hair transplant procedure, here are a few facts a
person should be familiar with.

1. Right Candidate To Get A Hair Transplant:

This is important to understand what makes one appropriate to undergo a hair
transplant. A person whose hair loss is stabilized is the perfect candidate to go
through the procedure, since hair transplant surgery does not stop hair loss

Surgical hair restoration, regardless of technique or technology, is a
procedure limited by your own hair loss advancement. That’s why it is advised to
not get a hair transplant surgery at a young age or when hair loss has just
commenced. Consequently, if hair transplant is performed at an early stage, it may
accelerate hair loss.

2. Hair Transplant Is Not A Miracle:

Before going for a hair transplant surgery, it is important to prepare your mind
that regrowth of hair is different for every person. Your hair transplant surgery
depends on the quantity of hair you have in your donor area.

Also, getting a hair transplant does not guarantee you a head full of dense hair. It utterly relies upon the degree of baldness and contributor area of your head. Hair transplant cannot cure the ample baldness. Consequently, it should not be accounted that a hair
transplant surgery would prove to be a miracle and you will get a head full of
thicker hair.

3. Transplanted Hair Can Be Treated Like Normal Hair:

You can treat your transplanted hair just like usual hair, once it starts growing.
Transplanted hair is no different than the natural hair. Hair transplantation
motivates a person to gain back the confidence lost after hair loss. You can style it
just as you wish. It does not need any special care. Transplanted hair can be
washed and treated just like natural hair. You can get it styled just the way you


4. Hair Transplant Is Permanent:

It is best to do your research about hair transplant techniques before going for
hair restoration because it is a surgical method to cure your hair loss enduringly.
Hair is taken from the permanent recipient area and transferred onto the bald
area. Since, the hair is taken and relocated it makes the hair transplant a
permanent process. You cannot go for a trial to do transplantation on a smaller
area of your head. Once you start the technique you are bound to go through the
complete procedure.

5. Emergence Of Transplanted Hair:

The transplanted hair does not fall out. Once the regrowth has commenced, it
becomes a permanent part of your scalp. The new hair progressively appears
after four months of the transplantation. After an eight month time period, around  80% of the hair emerge. Growth at the crown area usually takes even more time. At this
time, it is best to follow the post-surgery precautions as directed by the surgeon.

6. Post-Surgery Precautions Are Vital:

While planning your surgery keep in mind that you cannot go back to your normal
routine as soon as possible. It requires several days to rest and to take extensive
care of your transplanted area. After the surgery, you have to follow certain
safety measures. You can sleep on your back only, you cannot let your head touch
anywhere specially at the area where implantation is carried out because the
follicles are extremely fragile after the surgery. It is recommend to wear a shower
cap as a post-surgery precaution.

What’s your Hair-o-scope?

29 Oct

Hey beauties! Hope y’all having a good time. Before you start doubting my spellings, let me make it clear that I haven’t misspelled Horoscope. Rather I am talking about an equally mesmerizing and new ‘It’ thing in town. The Hair-o-scope. The term is so catchy that the moment I saw it on the website of Madison Reed, I knew I had to discover more about it and share it with you all.

If you haven’t heard about this company yet then let me introduce them first. Madison Reed is an expert in manufacturing hair colours suitable for all ages. Their products ensure lasting effects and are super easy to use within the comforts of your own home. The best part is that they have developed an online tool to guide you about suitable hair colour by answering just 8 simple questions! Also, you can always contact them for professional help.

As the name hints, Hair-o-scope predicts about your hair based on the traits of your zodiac sign. Who says constellations can only give an insight of love life and personalities? It’s time to let your stars decide your hairstyle! All you have to do is visit their website and scroll down to your zodiac sign. For all Cancerians like me, here’s what the stars have to say:


My Hair-o-scope

I totally agree with my Hair-o-scope. As mentioned, on a good hair day my locks are usually smooth and shiny. The credit goes to my genes, hair care routine and now my stars! Though I do not play much with my hair colour but this has actually got me thinking about going ombre. What do you think? Should I trust my stars and go for it?

Even if you don’t believe in zodiac signs, just give this one a chance. You may actually start believing in them. So, what does your Hair-o-scope say? Don’t forget to share with me. Happy reading! 🙂


Product Review: Parachute Weak Hair Repair Oil

27 Apr


This is one product I had to review to facilitate people suffering from hair loss and damaged hair, especially new mommies who fall victim to postpartum hair loss. Multiple dyeing attempts and pregnancy wreaked havoc on my, otherwise, healthy hair. They went from long, lustrous locks to weak, damaged strands with lots of split ends. I absolutely lost all hope to regain healthy and shiny hair until I saw this product at a supermarket a few weeks back. It is a special hair oil recipe that uses 100 % natural oils and herb extracts to restore the internal structure of hair and to strengthen weak and thin hair.

These natural oils include:

  1. Coconut Oil: For deep penetration to guarantee nourishment to 100% of all hair
  2. Castor Oil: Forms a protective layer around each hair strand for increased hair volume and thickness
  3. Black Seed: Provides nourishment and health to weak hair
  4. Sedr Plant: Restores hair health through vitamins and minerals

My Verdict:

It works! Yes, you read it right. It does work to strengthen hair and reduce hair fall up to 80%. You’ll observe smooth, non-frizzy and voluminous hair even after first use. The smell is pleasant and the formulation is non-greasy, unlike other oils. The only turn-off for me is that it doesn’t wash off completely after one wash but since it is not greasy and doesn’t smell bad so this is not much of a problem. Also, it is not expensive at all. I’d give it 4 stars out of 5.

This product works for me and is now a significant part of my hair care routine. How do you keep your hair healthy? Don’t forget to give in your two cents.

DIY Hair Mask

21 Apr

If you wish to have smooth, non-frizzy hair then apply this mask once in every 15 days for 30 minutes and wash using your normal shampoo. It is a tried and tested, 100 % safe treatment that will instantly give your hair a new life. Say bye bye to expensive salon treatments!


3 tbsp Mayonnaise
1 tbsp Pure Honey
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp Castor Oil


Mix well the above ingredients and apply all over your hair from roots till the ends. Massage gently so that the mixture is absorbed well. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Your hair will feel dry and stiff but they’ll be fine afterwards. Wash off using your normal shampoo.

Note: The quantity mentioned is suitable for waist long hair. You may adjust the ratio according to your hair length.