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Can social media hurt your career? Beware of these pitfalls….

18 Dec

Social media is flourishing with prospects. Majority of the corporate professionals today make full use of social media platforms to network.

Interacting with other professionals will enhance your career and elevate it to new heights. However, for some unfortunate ones, it could mark the end of their careers.


Avoid these 7 social media blunders to be a part of the former group.

  1. Badmouthing your work or manager

Saying bad things about your boss or your job, particularly on a public platform, is never a good idea. Do you think your boss can’t see your posts? Well, your co-worker might forward it to him. While a single comment may not seem to hurt your career today, it could end up haunting you in future. What if your future prospective manager sees it and decides not to employ you? Badmouthing your boss whether current or previous is never a way to go.

  1. Sharing your recent employment offer

Always remember that employment offers are mostly confidential and just because you have an offer in hand, there is no guarantee that you may actually get it. If you violate the discretion, your manager may perceive you as unreliable and cancel the employment offer.

  1. Plagiarizing

The biggest mistake you can do to sabotage your career is to plagiarise. Plagiarism is totally intolerable in the corporate world. It is similar to saying, “I’m unskilled and idle, and I have zero reliability!” This is not only true for your professional account but holds equal significance for your personal accounts as well. Are you sharing an article? Cite the writer. Putting up a photo? Give credit to the photographer.

  1. Using SMS Language

While it may not seem to be a big deal to use SMS language on your social media page, it may actually have a negative impact on your career. It seems convenient when typing on your phone or fitting into a 140 character tweet, however, it can seriously affect your spellings and grammar which are crucial to professional communication.

  1. Sharing Offensive Content

You could lose your job if any content that you share insults another individual. Avoid posting unpleasant remarks even if pun is intended.

  1. Posting Obscene Photos

Your photos reflect who you are. Posting an obscene photo will negatively influence your reputation in the workplace. Moreover, there are some countries where alcohol is prohibited and if you happen to live there then please respect the norm. Even if you are over 21 and have full right to individualism, uploading a photo with a glass of alcohol could cost you your career.

  1. Making fun of your clients

Similar to badmouthing your manager, insulting or making fun of your clients can have a negative impact on your job. Numerous virtual stories have gone viral about waiters who took photographs of meager tips and uploaded them on social media only to get sacked for such an act. Complaining about clients only portrays your corporation in a negative light that no manager would tolerate.

Heard of any social media incident that sabotaged somebody’s career? Share with us. Let’s learn together to avoid such mistakes!


Tips for greater security at social networking websites

28 Jun

A lot of our youngsters are nowadays actively engaged in social networking and online chatting. These websites, undoubtedly, provide ample opportunities to socialize without leaving the comforts of your home. However, security is one of the major concerns when it comes to making friends online. We keep hearing about incidents where users are subjected to security issues either because of the inefficient privacy policy of the social networking companies, user negligence or both. Now the question arises: How can we protect ourselves while having friendly conversations online? Here are a few tips which will help you stay secure online.

1. Never give your personal details like contact information, employment or residential address etc to your online friends   unless you know them personally.

2. Avoid meeting the Ian Somerhalder/ Mila Kunis (two of the most popular choices for a display picture) you’ve met recently online. If unavoidable, make sure the meeting place is crowded such as a restaurant, shopping mall or cafe. Don’t forget to take someone with you.

3. Never trust your online friends 100%. Chances are that they are lying about themselves. And they might not be as good looking as their display picture!

4. Never never never give your CNIC number, bank account information, credit card details or any such details online. I’m sure your ‘new’ friend ain’t going to transfer money to your account, right? So why take the risk? 🙂

5. Be prepared for disappointments. Don’t expect too much. Your supposedly-best-online-buddy might be fake!

I hope these tips will make your already enjoyable online socializing experience much secure. Don’t forget to add your tips to the list and I’d love to hear your online experiences. Till then, happy chatting! 🙂