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22 Aug



Power of words

6 Aug

They say actions speak louder than words. Agreed. But sometimes words can do wonders where actions fall short. Sincere words are the least expensive yet most valuable way of spreading smiles. Positive words have a quite motivating effect on one’s personality. This is why corporate houses spend a lot of money on organizing motivational sessions and workshops for their employees. If you really want to test the power of words and how they influence people, try telling someone upset that you are with them and genuinely mean it. Stop looking at the negative points and appreciate their positive qualities. Learn to provide unconditional support. Present them with your considerate side and do not judge them. Expect nothing in return. I assure you that nothing will make you more happy and contented than seeing a smile on somebody’s face just because of you. This to me is real success. So try making someone happy today and let me know how it feels. Good luck! 🙂