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Staying at home vs. Work: What should you choose?

18 Mar

Let’s face it: almost every woman has to face this dilemma where she has to make a choice between working full-time and staying at home as soon as she sees a positive sign on the pregnancy test strip.

While most women go with the flow and leave this decision till baby’s arrival, some of them have already made up their minds. There exists a large section of women who would love to work part-time, which seems to be a win-win situation. However, only a few of us have that luxury and the rest are compelled to choose between staying at home and working full-time.


If you happen to be a ‘desi (typically South Asian)’ mom, particularly the one living in Pakistan, I’m sure you’ll have your own stories to tell. We all agree that the most favourite hobby of our society (read: nosy, desi aunties) is to criticize others and we consider passing judgments our national right.

From the clothes you wear at your wedding to the man you marry, everything is deeply scrutinized by these overly watchful aunties. This habit of prying doesn’t stop here. Once you are married, everybody waits impatiently to hear the ‘good news’.

Well before the baby arrives, unwelcomed suggestions start pouring in from all directions and if you happen to be a working woman, the first thing you are told is to leave work. ‘Ab tou araam se ghar mein baitho (now stay at home peacefully)’, ‘Tumhe naukri ki kia zarurat? Shohar acha kamata tou hai! (Why do you need a job? Your husband earns well!’, ‘Ab azadi bhool jao. Ghar sambhalo aur bachay paalo (Now let go of your independence. Sit at home and take care of kids)’ ….. and the list is endless.

Whether you choose to stay back at home or join workforce, you’ll come across a great deal of advantages as well as hardships. Let’s breakdown pluses and minuses of each scenario to help you make the biggest decision of your life:

Working Mother


  • Even though you treasure your family and love having them around, you will cherish some ‘ME’ time once in a while. You will eventually appreciate that not everything in your life revolves around them.
  • You will be financially independent. Even the thought of it is an instant self-esteem booster and is as gratifying as seeing your little one sleep peacefully! Plus, your husband will feel less burdened and will appreciate your contribution to the household.
  • You’ll stay in the game as far as your career is concerned. Your work will help you stay linked with the larger world, and will satisfy your inherent longing for intellectual stimulus.
  • Your baby will not comprehend the benefits of that additional pay cheque, but there is another incentive he’ll appreciate: he’ll become independent sooner than the children of stay-at-home mothers.


  • You’ll feel guilty leaving for work on those mornings when your restless infant is clinging to your legs or is unwell.
  • You’ll miss spending quality time with your baby and hearing the delightful things he did while you were at work will probably make you sentimental.
  • You’ll be busy juggling between work and home which could affect your health.
  • Bidding farewell to regular home-cooked meals and impeccably folded laundry may not go well with your husband.

Stay-at-home Mothers


  • You’ll be there to witness every little smile and wipe away every tear of your child.
  • Staying at home will reorganize your life and you’ll feel less stressful. You’ll find time to cook delicious biryani for your husband and watch your favourite Fawad Khan drama.
  • You’ll be at more peace to see your baby growing right in front of your eyes. This will keep unnecessary concerns about his diet and poop at bay.
  • Your husband will love to see you all dressed up, waiting for him like a typical ‘mashriqi (eastern)’ wife.


  • On some days, boredom will kill you and you’ll get fed up of cleaning, cooking and poop talks. You’ll miss having some kind of intellectual stimulus.
  • Sometimes you’ll feel your kids are clingier than those of working mothers since, obviously, they’ll be relying only on you.
  • You’ll get to hear ‘tumne parh likh ke degree zaya kardi (you have wasted your degree)’ on an endless basis
  • You’ll be dependent on your husband for your financial needs


Mother using a computer and holding her baby

So, what should you choose?

Whether you choose to stay at home or work full-time, it should be your own decision and not influenced by the society.

If you can’t work full-time, search for part-time or freelance opportunities. How about getting a diploma or learning a new craft?

It’s important to take a break from motherhood once in a while and you’ll get back to changing nappies in a more energized way.

Remember, your kids will grow up one day and they’ll be absolutely fine. Trust your instincts. You are doing a great job, mama. Hang in there!

Raising the little Einstein: How to make your child love science

13 Dec

Are you a parent whose kids are always up to something? Are you tired of their countless questions? Is it nearly impossible to make them sit still? Well, this blog is for you!

We all know how kids are always fascinated about learning new things. Their tiny minds work round the clock and they love to be challenged. Kids of every age are naturally inquisitive and absorb new information through hands-on participation. One of the best ways of making them learn is to involve all of their five senses in the activity. Therefore, it is necessary to plan instructions around stuff that kids can see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Nothing can be better than familiarizing these inquisitive thinkers with science at a young age! Sadly, in our part of the world, science education is more focused on reading piles and piles of books which can overburden even an adult. This is one of the reasons why only a small number of our students study science with their personal interest. A large section still chooses science over other disciplines due to parental/societal pressure.

Schoolchildren mixing liquids Free Photo


Here are five ways you can encourage your child to love science:

  1. Support them overcome fright

Science education can be overwhelming for a young mind. Therefore, it is vital to take the science-phobia out of a child before he is involved into any science activity. What you have to do is to teach your little champ that science is not all about data, measurements, abundant equations and experimentation. It’s not restricted to limitless reading and writing. In fact, it’s an exciting way to discover the world around you.

  1. Plan experiments at home

Expedite your child’s learning by practically involving him in an activity. There are countless scientific experiments you can enjoy together within your own home. Consequently, your kid will learn how simple and pleasurable science is by using simple resources and items lying in the home.

  1. Make reading sessions exciting

While mobile apps are a rage everywhere, science books still remain to be an imaginative source for both knowledge and fun. Several science books can enlighten your kid with scientific concepts and projects through enjoyable, easy to remember, and attractive content. Do not restrict your reading sessions to the course books only. You’ll find heaps of other colourful science books over the internet. Order them today and enjoy a stimulating weekend ahead with your little Einstein!

  1. Learn in the open air

Your kid might be doing lots of science experiments in the school laboratory but it’s just not enough to bring out his love for the subject. It is better to take him out in the open once in a while to diversify his outlook.

For example, plan an excursion to the zoo or visit a garden near your home and make him observe different plant species. This will allow your kid to experience the real-world side of science in a stimulating environment. Additionally, communication with fellow little geniuses will make him absorb faster and converse efficiently.

  1. Play computer games with them

Is your kid a game freak? Can he stare at the computer screen for hours without even drinking, eating or snoozing? If yes, you should use computer games and simulations to make him discover science. These games can brilliantly enhance his learning process and make him comprehend scientific ideas and abilities.

Final Word

Many of the activities mentioned above are inexpensive and require no special tools. Your kid might be scoring well in the science course but are you sure he’s actually learning? Get involved with him to explore science in an entertaining way and he’ll sooner or later fall in love with it.

E-mail Etiquette Every Professional Should Know

31 Jul

There is no denying the fact that communication is power and the best companies in the world are those which convey information intelligently. In the digital world, everything is communicated through e-mails and it is very important for an individual to be aware of e-mail etiquette so as to excel in the corporate world.

Image result for email etiquette

An effective interaction via e-mails not only creates a good impression of the sender, but it also reflects a positive image of his/her organization. The best rule of writing an effective e-mail is to keep it precise and articulate. Objective should be clearly defined in the subject line and the choice of words should be such that the real purpose is communicated effectively.

Here are some important e-mail etiquette that every professional should remember:

  1. Always start your e-mail with right salutation. In case you know the name of the recipient, always remember to use their correct name in the e-mail.
  2. Choose the e-mail subject properly so that the recipient gets an idea of what it is about before delving into the detailed email conversation. If an e-mail requires urgent action or response; highlight it in the subject as ‘URGENT’. You may also set the e-mail priority to ‘High importance’ if you use MS Outlook.
  3. Draft your e-mail in a precise manner. Always remember that less is more when drafting an official e-mail. Clearly define your objective and keep it professional. It is better to use simple words than to adopt fancy terms that you are not much familiar with.
  4. Avoid unnecessarily using capital letters in your e-mail as it reflects unprofessional attitude and might annoy the reader. Make use of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation and avoid emoticons.
  5. Use clear background instead of patterned backgrounds. It is essential to use one professional font and color and avoid using multiple colors in your email draft. Highlight important points in your email, if required, to grab the reader’s attention.
  6. Use official e-mail signature template in your e-mail with proper name; mentioning your designation in the organization as well as the department. Include company website hyperlink, contact numbers with your dial-in extension numbers so that the reader can get in touch with you if he wishes to reach you on phone.
  7. Another key point in e-mail etiquette is to address the right person. One should be particular about deciding who will see the e-mail (main recipient) and who will get only a copy (using CC and BCC).
  8. Once your e-mail draft is ready, proofread it thoroughly before sending it to the addressee.
  9. Do not forget to enable ‘Out of office assistant’ if you are travelling or are on vacation. Leave your emergency contact number and contact details of any colleague or sub-ordinate in ‘Out of office assistant’ message reply.
  10. Before sending, read your e-mail out loud to ensure that you do not sound arduous. Even if you have to convey something negative, use a polite tone.

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Tired of the Rat Race? Here’s Your Route to Escape

23 Jan

“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

-Lily Tomlin

You know a person is normal when you see them with neatly combed hair, their 40ft cubicle, and that 9 to 5 desk job. For normal people like those, rate race isn’t an option; it’s a way of life. It’s their modus operandi.

The rat race tires the young blood to death, which is due to their itch for adventure, curiosity, and danger.

However, if you want to escape that rat race everyone’s been running in, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and take the steps you fear most. Oh yes, you’ll need to face the music by being the weird, wild, and free!

Related image

4 Ways to Escape the Rat Race

Psst… here are a few ways you can escape the rat race and still feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • Forget about the Luxury; it’s time to Live Young – if you want to live young and free, you’d have to cut back on your expenses to the extent that only your necessities become your priorities. All you have to do is sacrifice your luxuries, choose simplicity, and save the cash for rainy days.
  • Make Money-Making Possible – Anywhere, Anytime – ok, this might seem impossible, but it’s true that you can make money without having to get up early and show up for an interview. Yes, its easy money and you can live off on that (only if you’re wired enough to understand that!)
  • Timeout Espionagethe problem with the rat race is that you just become habitual to the 9 to 5 and don’t want to work outside because you think you’ve had enough for the day. Let me tell you something, if you’re going to escape the rat race, this would be your chance to choose your working hours and give yourself some quality time as well. It’s weird, it’s unconventional, but it works!
  • Learn to Create Value – you need to add value to your life and adopt a mindset for value-creation. It’s your only possible way to survive once you escape the rat race. Provide the best quality to the people you’re working with and keep improving on that.

Related image

If you’re someone wanting to escape the rat race, just know that you must have a guiding purpose behind your choice. Normal people just spend a lifetime in the rat race; make sure you’re weird enough to live free and celebrate every moment of your life.

Want a Promotion? Here’s What To Do

1 Nov

Who doesn’t want to be promoted to the next level? Well, sometimes promotions are not handed over to you. You need to ask for them. However, requesting for a promotion can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, it is not easy to put yourself out there in front of the higher management, particularly when the competition is tough. And, obviously, there always exists the fear of rejection. It can be really challenging to start the big conversation.

Related image

Ready to take the challenge? Here’s what you need to know before you take that next step:

1. Stand out and make a difference

Actions speak louder than words! Show your passion through your work, implement changes for the betterment that will portray your skills and make your profile stand out.

2. Get involved

Participate actively in every task that manager has allotted to you. Seek for his help and ask for feedback about your work. Set targets and share your plan with him to accomplish those goals.

3. Keep records

Make a habit to list down all your allotted tasks. Once you begin the big talk, share your progress report with your boss. Highlight the tasks in which you’ve gone beyond the expectation level.

4. Multitasking

Don’t restrict yourself to a specific work domain. For instance, if you are involved in technical work then spare some time to go through the operations, sales, marketing, supply chain or customer service workflow. Be a multitasker!

5. Be innovative in your approach

Nowadays, you can get every information on the Internet with a single click. Incorporate new ideas and practices in your work. Share information on new technological developments with your co-workers. Be a team player.

6. Plan the Timing

While there is no ideal time to request for a promotion, it is good to discuss this issue on certain occasions such as during annual performance appraisal. It will provide you with an opportunity to discuss with your boss how you have been performing and where your professional life is directed.

7. Don’t be aggressive!

Never ever threaten your boss that you will leave the job if you do not get what you deserve. Negotiate till things move rightly in your direction.

8. Request a meeting

 Once you are ready to ask for promotion, send your boss an e-mail asking for a meeting. Clearly mention that you would want to discuss your work performance and future prospects. The meeting could be a one-on-one discussion or you could even demonstrate your skills by delivering a presentation.

 9. Follow up

After you put forward your request for a promotion, it is important to follow up with your boss. Know your proposed salary figures and negotiate. Negotiation can make a huge difference. Be friendly with your boss and communicate well with full confidence.

 10. Adapt to new responsibilities

Once your message is clearly conveyed to the management, half of the task is done! It’s time to involve yourself in other departmental tasks to get familiar with the workflow. Promotion will bring a new set of responsibilities and tons of new problems so it is better to be well-prepared beforehand.

Image result for promotion

Now that you know how to ask for a promotion, you are ready to go and knock at your manager’s door. Good luck!